Summer 07, WM #4: An interview with humanitarian Malcom Carter Award winning documentary filmmaker

Summer 07, WM #4: An interview with humanitarian Malcom Carter Award winning documentary filmmaker

I arrived at Malcom Carter’s beachside studio; a sunny, spring afternoon, just days before the summer solstice. As I sat waiting, I wished our late afternoon meeting could be conducted at the beach. Malcom, soon arrived with the same bright idea, and suggested it, as if it was the obvious thing to do!

This is Malcom Carter, a very down to earth guy.


As we sat by the ocean eating our burgers, Malcom spoke very casually about some amazing projects he is heading, unfortunately they have to be kept off the record. But let me tell you this, Malcom Carter is not just making movies, he is changing lives.

Malcom operates a company called Chronos Productions, Chronos in Greek means passage of time and the concept is “to preserve and capture moments in time, on film or video, to be visible at some point in the future.”


Malcom is known in the medical world for his most recent doc which helped the lives of over 1 million people affected with Diabetes, a disease which the general public associates “you can’t eat candy.” The film was honored at the most prestigious medical film festival in the world and was stated to be one of the finest Diabetes videos on the planet.

Malcom has raised awareness to the fact that over 1.8 million people in have Diabetes, as well as it being the #1 cause of blindness. Amputation of body parts is also a common outcome in severe cases of diabetes and something that can be prevented, according to Carter.

Malcom’s goal is to raise awareness and to prevent the shocking and sad outcomes of severe Diabetes sufferers.

The documentary “If you have diabetes” took over 6 years to create and a incredible investment of over $1 million dollars, entirely from the pocket of Malcom himself. When asked how he is able to survive on such a philanthropic living, he stated he is able to keep his business going by selling one film to the next.

Why don’t the hospitals or government fund these types of projects?

After putting out fires and saving the lives of those already affected, it’s extremely overwhelming. Re-assuredly, Malcom is working hard trying to get the system to focus on both education and prevention.

Chronos current project “H2v - Push the Pace” brings to light juvenile diabetes which can be a fatal disease that not only impacts the child’s life, but the entire family in terms of care and emotional suffering.

The storyline for the documentary arose from the ashes of Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, taking birth in a promise a father made to his young daughter, affected with the Diabetes disease. He promised her he would ride across in order to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and cure her for good. Soon the promise turned public and grew into 5 men riding across in order to raise $1 million dollars. $300,000 has already been donated to the cause.

Malcom advises that in order to make a successful documentary film you need to be able to present information in a way that connects with the audience emotionally. Statistics don’t change people or behaviors. Malcom calmly states that you can tell people everyday that smoking is killing them, but how many people actually stop?

I wanted to lighten things up a bit so I asked Malcom what he thought of dramatic features. He stated he would love to make them and is a huge fan of films and going to the theater, especially the power of film and the experience of it all.

Malcom works out of his office in the West end with Daryl Bennet – 2 time Grammy award nominated musician and composer. But this is hardly the only office of Chronos Productions, well known for its bright blue globe logo. Malcom has traveled to over 63 cities just in the last year and none for leisure.

Carter’s time is spread thin with 120 hour work weeks, making it incredibly hard to sustain lasting relationships. His life thus far has required a lot of sacrifice and is a constant trade off, which he takes without emotional undertones but hopes one day for it all to balance out.

Malcom Carter has been nominated for 19 awards including best doc and best director. He is a one man show and there is not a job in filmmaking that he doesn’t do. Carter proved this to me as he expertly lit himself with a piece of white paper as I snapped a photo for the article. Malcom has a degree in international marketing and finance as well as almost a triple major in psychology. He is a founding member of The Legacy crew, a group of high performance individuals and has been asked to speak numerous times for NASA.


You can check out Chronos Productions at:

As well as his latest project “H2v” at: where you can make a pledge towards juvenile diabetes research.


Chronos aims to help millions of persons living with Diabetes.


If you would like to help please contact:

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