September 2012: Dustin Yellin Intercourse Dossier Benefit & AiG Fall Party

Dustin Yellin

It was a bustling night in Red Hook Brooklyn at Dustin Yellin's new exhibtion space The Intercourse. Everyone was out for the Dossier Magazine event where the evening happened in large and small doses. Whitehot's Emerald Fitzgerald was there to capture the festivities...

Alina Locklear

Allison Sparkuhr and Camilla Love

Emeral Fitzgerald, Ben Lozovsky

Brendan Lynch, Johnny Misheff and friend

Brendan Lynch

Dan Preston, Elle Muliarchyk, Grant Douglas

Elliott David, Haley Wood, Stas May

Johan Sorensen, Eva Zuckerman, David Reeves

Johnny Misheff

Meredith Sheldon & Gabriel Florenz

Kyle DeWoody and Michael Collvos

Michael Fragoso, Sam Natale, Chia Schmitz

Guests at Dustin Yellin's Intercourse

Emerald Fitzgerald with artist Noah Becker

Sarah Fogarty, Julie Hollis-Feldman

Sebastian Warschow


Wyn Harrick, Jolie Warvet, Adam Kallen


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