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Obituary: Michael Anderson In Remembrance (1968-2020)

Anthony Haden-Guest Fun Times

PRIDE during Covid-19 Times

East Hampton NY: Mason Saltarrelli and Bill Saylor at Duck Creek Arts Center

Art Basel Cancels September Fair

Susan Luss: In the Time of Now

Featured: Painter Hazel Lee Santino

WM for BLM

Art dealer Mary Boone released from prison thanks to coronavirus pandemic

You are cordially invited to the online World Premiere of the artist documentary BEHIND THE CANVAS

Whitehot Recommends: Raymond Pettibon at Sadie Coles

Highlights from PLAYBOY Sexier at Home: 1960s Playmates

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep

Art in the Time of Covid-19

Gelah Penn’s Way Into Her Work is Through Materials

Featured: Maya Fuhr at 10 Years Ago

Interview with Omar Rodriguez-Graham

Kiki Smith at La Monnaie de Paris

Become a Successful Artist: MagnusClass in Review

Frames Ain’t Square: Outsider Art Fair in New York

Kim Peterson: Inside the Art and Mind

The Magic of Convergence: The Photography of John Simmons

Photos: Art Basel 2019 in 35mm

"Trust Fall" by Rosson Crow at The Hole

Photos from the opening of Mark Carson in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Interview: Jenna Ferrey and Chellis Baird

Opening Photos: Tal R: Men Who Can't Sit on Horses (Tel Aviv)

Book Preview: People of the Scorched Earth by Nancy Oliveri

INTERVIEW with Ludovica Gioscia on The Tenderness of Insects at VITRINE, Basel

Opening: Ryan Mosley: A Planet's Revolution at Galerie EIGEN + ART Berlin

Opening: Linus Coraggio: Ramifications at Howl Happening

Opening: Jerome Lagarrigue at Patrick Painter Inc.

Four Artists Ushering the History of Art into Today

Jill Krutick and Her Metamorphosis

Nat Murray in China: A Painter’s Diary

Hrair Sarkissian Interviewed by Anahit Poturyan

Interview with D. Dominick Lombardi

From Street to Studio El Cavo embraces the color, vitality, pain of now

Picasso Show Captivates Beijing, Whose Art Scene Hums as Censors Hover

The imaginary pavilion of a non-state: The Piedmonts

Swiss Institute pays homage to a Pioneering Swiss Hairdresser, and his grandson Harald Szeemann

Opening: I AM A WOMAN Group Exhibition In NYC

LA’s COLA 2019 Fellowship Recipients

Whitehot Private Sales: Richard Hambleton, Peter Beard, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Whitehot Recommends: Lee Jaffe's Jean-Michel Basquiat at Galerie Eva Presenhuber

Photos: Marcarson's Alive with Pleasure Opening

Artist Susan Woldman Elfer Wins Kuniyoshi Grant

Whitehot Suggests: Twin Flames: Justin Aversano at Superchief Gallery

imPULSEiv, PULSE Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019 from 7pm-12am Artist in Attendance with a Live Performance

Whitehot Selects: Pratt Institute: Paintings by Melanie Luna

Whitehot Selects: Pratt Institute: Paintings by Thalia Hernandez

Portfolio: Paintings by Sylwia Gorak

Calder Crags + Vanuatu Totems at Venus Over Manhattan

Jeffrey Grunthaner Named Berlin Editor of Whitehot Magazine

PHOTOS: Whitehot Magazine at Frieze NY 2019

CURIOSITIES by Daniel Efram

Interview Between Intentists

“Suds Ur Duds/Fermentation Elastic" at the Schneider Museum of Art

Illustrator Lidan Chen Talks About How She Makes Images

Mark Carson Studio Visit

Stanford University presents an evening with Roberta Smith, co-chief art critic of The New York Times, and Jason Andrew, independent curator

Threading the Narrative - The Work of Stephen Wilson

Whitehot Suggests: Walter Robinson: Salad Candles and Money at Johannes Vogt Gallery

Whitehot Magazine's Best Art Memes Of 2018

Venus Over Manhattan Highlights The Rediscovered Masterworks Of Maryan

Opening: Iron Gate East Presents: Love Is Not All Curated By Kelcey Edwards, Southhampton, New York

Color Heals Pain - Online Exhibition Curated by Gregory Siff

Photographic Portraits of Famous Artist’s Paint Palettes by Matthias Schaller

A Eulogy for Brian McKee (1977 – 2018)

Retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy Talks About The Art World

KoKo The Gorilla Talks About The Art World

Manolo Blahnik to Hold Final Leg of Shoe Exhibition in Toronto

An Interview with Wanda Koop

28-year old, Philadelphia-based artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase is everywhere this past year.

Spotlight: Rising Artist Mark Dzieuwlski

Whitehot Suggests: Ruben Natal-San Miguel Opening at ilon Art Gallery

Study: Selfie Taking In Front of Art Has Replaced Looking At Art

Hope Hicks Starting "America First" Art Advisory to Represent George W. Bush Paintings

Highlights From Whitehot Magazine's Instagram Feed Selected by Noah Becker

Whitehot Suggests: Photographer Christos Katsiaouni is Having a moment with 10 for 10

Whose Nation? The Art of Black Power

Brooklyn Public Library: Down the Street – A show of collections about/on Jean-Michel Basquiat Including flyers, pins, signed Pez & ephemera

Artists Over 40 Forced to Eat Human Flesh to Survive Current Art Market

Guggenheim Museum “Dogs on Treadmills” Green Energy Plan Announced

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Artists Over 40 From Having Art Careers.

Several Georg Baselitz Paintings Hung Right-Side Up For First Time Reveals His Inferiority to Women Artists

German Artist Gerhard Richter Permanently Blurred

Opening in NYC and Berlin: Armando Frezze Durand's Apocryphal Messengers

Willem Dafoe to Play Vincent van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s Biopic

Inside The Studios of Famous Artists

Motivational Posters of the Art World

Emmett Till Memory Project

Watch: David Bowie Talks Picasso, Picabia, Duchamp and Goya in Madrid in 1987

Artists and Critics Call for Culture ‘Strike’ on Inauguration Day

MCA Chicago's ‘Riot Grrrls’ brings art girls to the forefront

Poland Buys Da Vinci Painting in $105 Million Art Deal

Artist recreates Sgt. Pepper's cover art with famous people who died in 2016

Replica Of Van Gogh's Bedroom Listed On Air BnB

Damien Hirst to go LARGE for the Venice Biennale 2017

Anthony Haden-Guest Hospitalized

Salvador Dalí's Eccentric Cookbook Is Being Reissued for the First Time in Over 40 Years

Walls go up around racially charged artwork at St. Louis' Contemporary Art Museum

Spencer Tunick is Asking Artists to Stop Trump

VIDEO: Amy Li Gallery: The Secret History of Contemporary Art

Banksy Unmasked Again? A New Bansky Suspect Surfaces

The Resurgence of Op and Kinetic Art

Vice Media Enters The Art World With A Controlling Stake In Dasha Zhukova's Garage Magazine

Bill Cunningham, Legendary Times Fashion Photographer, Dies at 87

Swiss artist Milo Moiré arrested in London after allowing strangers to stroke her genitals (via Dazed Digital)

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art Suggests: CALIFORNIA LOCOS 2016

Highlights from MoCADA's benefit auction at Bar Nana


MUSIC: Arnold Lee + Jules the Villain: Crystal Waterfalls

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Stirs Controversy with New Work

Winter Salon: Joseph Adolphe, Miriam Cabessa, Daniel Maidman & Timothy Wilson

Review: Les Rogers: Just Married at Elga Wimmer PCC

David Mann: Sympathetic Strings at Margaret Thatcher Gallery

VIDEO: New York Painter Gina Beavers Interviewed by Irena Jurek

Robert Wilson: the art my generation produced will not be seen in 50 years

Amstel Gallery New York and Gregory de la Haba Present: The Judy Rifka Project and The Jay Milder Catalog Raisonne Kickoff Brunch at The Yard, Herald Square.

Michael Scoggins and Alex Gingrow: Three Questions, Two Artists, One Airport Bar

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict: Interview with director Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Print Ads Available for Whitehot Miami Art Basel Week issue

VIDEO: Brian Belott: Whitehot Magazine's Secret History of Contemporary Art

Dash Snow Retrospective Coming to Brant Foundation

How Picasso the Sculptor Ruptured Art History by Jerry Saltz

5 Mini Reviews of Zines from the NY Art Book Fair

Links: Critic Walter Robinson on 9/11 Art and Moving Past Schmaltz

Artist paints portrait of Donald Trump with her own menstrual blood over his 'sexist' comments (via Evening Standard)

Whitehot Suggests: Hysterical Friction: Works on Paper from JAUS LA

Whitehot Presents: Sight | Site | Cite - A discussion with the 2015 curators

Breaking: In Art World Shake-Up, Mogul Peter Brant Sheds Trio of Art Magazines

"Sight, Site, Cite" Organized by Noah Becker, Jeff Grunthaner and Julian A. Jimarez Howard

UPDATE: Freight + Volume Gallery to Open New Location in 2015

Jazz Pioneer Ornette Coleman Dies at 85

Charles Saatchi Sues Online Platform Saatchi Art to Stop It From Using His Name

Artist Chris Burden, 69, has died

Jesse Edwards Studio Visit

Van Gogh spotted on the NYC subway

Anthony Goicolea Studio Visit

VIDEO: How To Graduate From Art School

Worst Artist Statement Ever?

Guerrilla Girls Inspired Exhibition Opens in Vancouver May 23rd

Why MoMA is a huge disappointment and the Whitney gets it

WATCH: A Graffiti Drone Vandalizes a Kendall Jenner Billboard

The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 9 | Deborah Kass

NYC in Pictures and Paint: Arthur King and Joann Gedney opening in NYC at The Yard photos by Michael Anderson

Topography of Quiet: Bastienne Schmidt

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Banksy Unmasked: Real Photos of Banksy

December 2014 Artworld Tweets

Whitehot Magazine Sponsored NEW NOVUS Exhibition in Miami

Surfers and Artists Unite: Surfers Healing - A Foundation for Autism

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art Episode 8 - Wendy White

Andy Denzler: Distorted Moments

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 7 | Anton Perich, artist NYC

Absolut Revives 1986 Warhol Collaboration

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 6 | Kofi Fosu Forson Meets Gregory de la Haba

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 5 | Andrea Mary Marshall, artist NYC.

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 4 - Eric White | Artist

The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 3 |Sean Landers, Artist

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 2 | Amy Phelan Collector | Art Documentary

VIDEO: The Secret History of Contemporary Art | Episode 1 | Olaf Breuning

Cutlog Art Fair in Pictures


A Pop Up Show Happened in New York

Jamie Martinez at Con Artist Collective

WATCH: NEW YORK IS NOW - Whitehot Magazine NYC Art Documentary

Follow Whitehot Magazine

Jerry Saltz Artspace and Gallerist Publish Tributes to Hudson of Feature Inc

January 2014: Gregory de la Haba and Lee Wells Present: Colette Lumiere, Frank Shifreen, and Robert Petrick at IFAC



October 2013: Artist Conversation with Blayke Kogan and Tom Smith, as featured in "Delusions" at ROX Gallery

September 2013: Absolut Art Awards Stockholm Sweden

Best Artists List for 2013: Whitehot Magazine Critic's Picks- PART 1

September 2013: Chelsea Pop-Up Gallery Triumphs with Ryan Hewett Exhibition

January 2013: Australian Singer Bertie Blackman to Perform in New York

November 2012: MTV/Creative Time/MoMA PS1 Premiere MTV "Art Breaks" at Paramount Theater

The Bowery Hotel Basement Annex presents Rachel Rossin’s ‘Telltale’ - curated by Peter Makebish

August 2012: Photos: Double Dirty Dozen @ Freight and Volume

VIDEO: Trailer for the Whitehot Magazine Documentary "New York is Now"


December 2010 Voice of Art Episode #3

December 2010 Voice of Art Episode #2

December 2010: Voice of Art Episode #1


July 2010: Op-ed By Chris Kaspar Alissa Guzman


Whitehot's First Annual Art Awards Predictions

March 07/ WM issue #1: white hot magazine of contemporary art exclusive interview with Vancouver writer, filmmaker and critic Michael Turner