Mark Bloch

Mark Bloch is a writer, performer, videographer and multi-media artist living in Manhattan. In 1978, this native Ohioan founded the Post(al) Art Network a.k.a. PAN. NYU's Downtown Collection now houses an archive of many of Bloch's papers including a vast collection of mail art and related ephemera. For three decades Bloch has done performance art in the USA and internationally. In addition to his work as a writer and fine artist, he has also worked as a graphic designer for, The New York Times, Rolling Stone and elsewhere. He can be reached at and PO Box 1500 NYC 10009.



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November 2013: Qinza Najm @ SMV Gallery Space

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January 2011, Brion Gysin @ New Museum

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October 2007, Whitehot Festival Reviews: Ylva Ogland @ Smith-Stewart Gallery

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April 07, WM issue #2: Semina Culture: Wallace Berman and his Circle at the Grey Art Gallery, New York University