James D. Campbell

James D. Campbell is a curator and writer on art based in Montreal. The author of over 150 books and catalogues on art, he contributes essays and reviews to Frieze, Border Crossings and other publications.

articles by this author

Through the Looking Glass: Semiotic Exotica in the Art of Paul-Emile Rioux

Fracture Facture: The Artful Scavenging of Shaun Morin

Geneviève Cadieux at 1700 La Poste

Visions of Divine Excess: The Possession of Noviadi Angkasapura

Shaman in the House! Symbols of Healing and Transformation in The Art of Imam Sucahyo at Galerie Robert Poulin

Magister Equitum: Nomadism and the Ceramics and Drawings of Jean-Pierre Larocque

Andrea Szilasi at La Vitrine

The Masks We All Must Wear: Some Notes on Luc Giard’s Transgressive Portraiture

A Simple Stoic Weighs the Sanctity of Place: Thoughts on the Art of Kathryn Keller

Dark Entanglement: Further Remarks on the Art of Paul-Emile Rioux

Archetypes of the Apocalypse: Speculations on the Art of Romulo Cesar

Van Gogh’s Bed: Ewa Monika Zebrowski and the Art of the Book

Ecstatic Edgeworks: Limit Experiences and Fluid Morphologies in the Art of Max Wyse

Avatars of Alterity: The Empathic Art of Balint Zsako

All Her Dark Places: The Visionary Art of Nancy Ogilvie

Running with Wolves: Anna Torma’s Rhizomatic Wanderlust

Interview with Margaret V. Haines

Blue Passage: Alain Paiement at the Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal

A Golem who Drew Scars: The Case of Daniel Erban

Pandemonium Raga: Guy Boutin’s Orchestral Tagging

Janet Werner and the Portrait Reinvented at Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal

Kim Dorland: Nailing Down a Butterfly at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

Where the Wild Things Are: Fractal Morphologies and the Unfettered Bestiaries of Shawn Mackniak

The Art of Alchemy: Marc Garneau at Galerie Lacerte

Hatching Furies: Auguries of War and Witchcraft in the Art of Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo

Jane Corrigan: Of the Air at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

Barbara Steinman at Darling Foundry

Marc Leduc at Galerie Robert Poulin

Immanence, charisma and the category mistake


Here be Dragons!: The Devilish Deliria of Henriette Valium

Paul Bureau: Ephemeral at Patrick Mikhail Gallery

Women's Work at L'INCONNUE

Topographical Epiphanies: The Art of Marc-Antoine Nadeau at Galerie Robert Poulin

Lorraine Simms' "Phantom" at Galerie Deux Poissons

Review: "Watercolour/s"

David Armstrong Six: Night School at the Darling Foundry in Montreal

NO PLACE Alison Yip Emily Ludwig Shaffer Quintessa Matranga Galerie L’Inconnue Montreal

Les Ramsay at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal

Louis Boudreault Fragments d’Écriture à l’ Espace Musée Québécor 11 Février au 15 Avril 2019 Montreal

Daniel Erban/Guy Bailey at Galerie Robert Poulin in Montreal

Adumbrating the Uncanny: The Installations of Natascha Niederstrass

The Light Within You: Heidi Thompson Vernon Public Art Gallery

Jasmina Cibic Everything That You Desire and Nothing That You Fear at DHC/ART Montreal

River Belly: Kristy Luck + Alan Prazniak Projet Pangee Montreal

Pour John Heward The Problem of the Other Face

Aude Moreau Triumphs In Montreal At Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

Amy Schissel “Hyper-Atlas” Galerie Patrick Mikhail

Françoise Sullivan Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal

Lorna Bauer: Tools for Idlers Galerie Nicolas Robert, Montreal

Ambera Wellmann: (Wo)man and Beast in the Round of Their Need

Michael A Robinson: The Gift Of Oblivion - Galerie Diagonale Montreal


Alien Geometry: The Geonics of Paul-Emile Rioux

Fiona Annis' The light that was never was

Jessica Eaton: Iterations (I) at Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran

The Poetry of the Face and the Fragility of the Finite: The Art Brut of Anick Langelier Galerie Robert Poulin Montreal

Bharti Kher Points de départ, points qui lient DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art Montreal

Je relis tes lignes : Marie-Michelle Deschamps et Eleonore False at Diagonale Montreal

Nathalie Thibault Études pour coups fumants

Michael Merrill Interior Theatre: An Episode in the Life of an Itinerant Eyeball Part Two: The Gallery in the Studio The Artist’s Studio in cooperation with Galerie Roger Bellemare Galerie Christian Lambert Montreal

Michael Merrill Interior Theatre: An Episode in the Life of an Itinerant Eyeball Part One: The Studio in the Gallery at Galerie Roger Bellemare Galerie Christian Lambert Montreal

Celia Perrin Sidarous at Parisian Laundry

Dan Seagrave Becoming a Ghost at Soon.tw

Gabor Szilasi “The Art World in Montreal, 1960-1980” McCord Museum Montreal

Natural Gesture: Anne-Renée Hotte Exhibition at Galerie Trois Points

The Exhibition Drinkers of Quintessences at Montreal's Darling Foundry Brings Together 12 Artists

Bill Viola's "Inverted Birth" Takes Us Through Stages of Awakening

Four Pillars Hanna Hur, Laurie Kang, Maia Ruth Lee, and Zadie Xa

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Daringly Pairs the Past and the Present

Jeanie Riddle Open Letter To The Women

Vikky Alexander “Unnatural Horizon” L’Escalier

Montréal Honors Leonard Cohen, One of Its Own, in Showstopper Exhibition

Jasmine Bakalarz: Diaspora

Canadian Painter Martin Golland Opens in Montreal

Melanie Authier at Galerie de L’UQAM