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Deborah Frizzell

Deborah Frizzell Ph.D. was Adjunct Professor of Art History at William Paterson University (2004-2021) in New Jersey, where she taught modern and contemporary art history and theory. She is Editor of the Arts Section of Cultural Politics (Duke University Press) and writes regularly about art for journals such a Woman’s Art Journal and Depart. A former Curator at the New Britain Museum of American Art, CT, her recent exhibitions include Outcasts: Women in the Wilderness, Glyndor Gallery, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY (2017); The Body Is Present: Women at Work (NJ: Berrie Center for the Arts, Ramapo College, 2013); Whose World Is This? Jane Dickson and Charlie Ahearn (NJ: Ben Shahn Gallery, William Paterson University, 2012); Fluidity, Layering, Veiling: Perspectives From South Asian and Middle Eastern Women Artists (CT: Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University, 2011). 

Her books include Humphrey Spender’s Humanist Landscapes: Photo-Documents, 1932-1942 (Paul Melon Centre for Studies in British Art & Yale University Press, 1997); Ann Chernow: Fictitious Icons (Gallery of Contemporary Art at Sacred Heart University & Queens Museum of Art, NY, 1998).

Her articles on feminist artist Nancy Spero (1926-2009) include “Search and Destroy; Nancy Spero’s War Series, 1966-1970,“ Cultural Politics (March 2020) 16:1; Nancy Spero’s War Maypole: Take No Prisoners,” Cultural Politics (Fall 2008); “Nancy Spero’s Museum Incursions: Isis on the Threshold,” Woman’s Art Journal v. 27, no.2 (Fall/Winter 2006) and “Alchemical Secrets: Spero’s Fragmentation and Recreation,” Nancy Spero: A Continuous Present (Kiel: University of Kiel & Dusseldorf: Richter Verlag, 2002). 

Other Articles include “Positions in Solidarity: Voices and Images from the U.S, Women’s Marches,” Cultural Politics, Duke University Press, Volume 13, Issue3, November, 2017. Article/Interview: “Ghosts of Migration: An Interview with Samira Abbassy,” Cultural Politics (November 2021) 17:3.

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