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Chris Osburn

Chris Osburn is an American transplant living in London where he has a blast working as a freelance photographer, writer, consultant, blogger and more.     www.tikichris.com 

articles by this author

February 2013: In Conversation with Dan Witz

September 2012: Ronnie Wood @ Symbolic London

August 2012: Jenny Holzer @ Sprueth Magers

August 2012: Skullphone, London XX12 at Ivory & Black

June 2012: The Royal Academy of Arts Gets a New Keeper's House

May 2012: ROA @ Stolenspace

April 2012: Mike Ballard @ Arch 402 Gallery London

December 2011: Sickboy Straddles Heaven and Earth

Photo Series: Ai Weiwei's Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads @ Somerset House

May 2011, Extraordinary @ Core Gallery

Zabludowicz Collection: Six Weeks in New York

September 2010, Interview with The Baron: DOTS

July 2010, Ray Lowry @ Idea Generation Gallery

May 2010, Art from the New World @ The City Museum & Art Gallery

April 2010, Interview: High Roller Society

February 2010, Today's Eastern Europe: Photo I, Photo You at Calvert22

December 2009, Patti Smith & Robert Maplethorpe @ Alison Jacques Gallery

July 2009, Interview with Jon Burgerman

June 2009, Lazarides Rathbone

March 2009, Liminal: A Question of Position @ Rivington Place

March 2009, Review: The Affordable Art Fair

January 2009, Sickboy: Stay Free

July 2008, Chris Osburn Interviews Stormie Mills

July, 2008, Chet Zar's Ugly American @ Strychnin Gallery

April 2008, Chris Von Steiner's Snow King

April 2008, Chris Osburn Interviews David Choe

March 2008, Cannes Fusion 5 Festival

February 2008, Sickboy Interview

December 2007, Interview with Yasha Young of Strychnin Gallery

December 2007, Chris Osburn Interviews the Invisible Art Club

October 2007, Chris Osburn Interviews Tek33

Summer 2007, WM Issue #4: Chris Osburn interviews D*Face

May 2007, WM issue #3: Chris Osburn interviews Cyclops

April 07, WM issue #2: Chris Osburn interviews SWEET TOOF

March 07/ WM issue #1: Chris Osburn interviews Dscreet