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Andrew M. Simmons

Andrew M. Simmons
was born in 1978 in Cincinnati Ohio. His youth was spent there. Mr. Simmons Attended the Ohio State University earning a BFA in 2001. He spent some time in the Appalachians of Tennessee before moving to Jersey City in 2002.  The Heights of Jersey City have been his home ever since.    twoheadgiraffe@yahoo.com

articles by this author

October 2008, Allison Schulnik @ Mike Weiss Gallery

October 2007, Tom Otterness Interview @ Marlborough Chelsea

Summer 07, WM #4: Jon Allen, Natural Selection @ PIEROGI in Williamsburg

May 2007, WM Issue #3: William Powhida @ Schroeder Romero

April 07, WM issue #2: Katrin Sugurdardottir @ Ps1 MOMA