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VIDEO: Interview with Pierre Wolter and Melanie Zagrean from Art Claims Impulse

This month I spoke with Pierre Wolter and Melanie Zagrean from Art Claims Impulse, a project space on Lübbener Strasse in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Committed to the production of new work, their gallery is currently proposing a three screen site specific installation on the banks of the Spree, The Divers Project by Four4!Factorial Group. Their next show, CROSS-Signs, Christoph Burtscher (Photos) & Gato Leiras (Sound) opens on the 31st
Documentation of Lizzy Le Quesne and Patricia Woltmann exhibition – If this my container, as well as work by Pierre Wolter and installation views  appear courtesy of the gallery.



David Selden

Formerly an artist and  gallerist,  David Selden is a freelance writer
living and working in Berlin. He writes about music for 
and maintains the blog Unter den roten Geweihen 

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