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Our Favorite, Must-See Pictures at Paris Photo New York Online

 Anne Collier, How Do You Think Others See You, 2017. Courtesy Gladstone Gallery

By PAUL LASTER, April 2020

Photography was my entry point into the art world. I bought my first camera when I was living in Germany in 1972 and taught myself how to use it. While studying photography at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in the late-‘70s, I landed a job in publications at the Museum of Modern Art, which eventually led to expanded artistic interests. I moved from taking pictures to making postmodernist art that was about painting and photography, but my interest in the medium never waned.

In 1985 Renée Riccardo and I started organizing exhibitions of postmodernist photography that dealt with a wide range of conceptual ideas. We began by curating shows in New York and then traveled the exhibitions across America before becoming Adjunct Curators of Photography at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, now MoMA PS1. We left that position when I started exhibiting my own work worldwide and Renée began planning to open ARENA, the contemporary art gallery showing emerging and mid-career artists that she ran for 14 years. 

When I became Editor of the online art publication Artkrush in 2005, I annually dedicated an issue to Paris Photo, which had become the world’s most important fair for photography in all of its many forms. Continuing that tradition today, please scroll through this curated selection of images to see our favorite photo-based artworks from this year’s special online catalogue version of Paris Photo New York, which continues through April 30. WM

 Peter Hujar, Malcolm Morley, 1981. Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery

Alejandro Cartagena, We Are Things #94, 2020. Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery

Aïda Muluneh, Addis Neger, 2019. Courtesy Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Bruce Weber, Summer Snow Storm, Little Bear Ranch, Montana, 1994. Courtesy Staley-Wise Gallery

Nick Knight, Friday 8th June 2018. Courtesy Atlas Gallery

Alejandra Laviada, Furniture Totem #4, n.d. Courtesy Bendana Pinel Art Contemporain

Deanna Pizzitelli, Mouth, I, 2018. Courtesy Stephen Bulger Gallery

Mary Ellen Mark, Jameelia Ricks and Marielle Evangelista, Ithaca High School Prom, June 21, 2008. © Mary Ellen Mark, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery

Olivo Barbieri, Alps - Geographies and People #23, 2019. Courtesy Yancey Richardson Gallery

 Bastiaan Woudt, J, 2019. ©Bastiaan Woudt. Courtesy Kahmann Gallery

 Stéphane Couturier, photo n°7, Le Havane, 2006/2007. Courtesy Galerie Kornfeld 

Diane Arbus, A Family on their lawn one Sunday in Westchester, NY, 1968. Courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery

Halaban, Gail Albert. Palazzo Donn'anna, Naples, Italy, 2018. Courtesy Jackson Fine Art

Kristine Potter, Untitled, from The Gray Line, 2009. Courtesy Light Work
Ken Ohara, from the ONE series, 1970. Courtesy Miyako Yoshinaga


Daniel Gordon, Still Life with Chanterelles, 2020. Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery

Gilbert Garcin, 309 - Le Yin et le Yang (ou les Malévitch choisissent un tapis) (Yin and Yang (or Malevitch's choose a carpet)), 2006. Courtesy Lisa Sette Gallery

 Tim Walker, Claire Foy, Smoking Queen, Fashion, Alexander McQueen. London, 2017. Courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Jo Ann Callis, Roses and Lizards, 1980. Courtesy ROSEGALLERY

Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, Tynemouth, 1989. Courtesy L. Parker Stephenson Photographs

Viviane Sassen, Mimicry, 2019. Courtesy Stevenson

 Constantin Brâncuși, Studio View - The Sorceress, Torso of a Young Girl, The Newborn and Mademoiselle Pogany II, c. 1923. Courtesy Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Philip Pocock, Parking - Rivington Chrystie St., 1979. Courtesy INDA Galéria


Paul Laster

Paul Laster is a writer, editor, curator, artist and lecturer. He’s a contributing editor at ArtAsiaPacific and Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art and writer for Time Out New York, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Galerie Magazine, Sculpture, Art & Object, Cultured, Architectural Digest, Garage, Surface, Ocula, Observer, ArtPulse, Conceptual Fine Arts and Glasstire. He was the founding editor of Artkrush, started The Daily Beast’s art section, and was art editor of Russell Simmons’ OneWorld Magazine, as well as a curator at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, now MoMA PS1.



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