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Catching Up With Japanese Art Star Yaseibakudanan Cookie

Japanese Art Star Yaseibakudanan Cookie is about to invade America. 

March, 2019

I was lucky to have a conversation with flamboyant Japanese art star Yaseibakudanan Cookie. After weeks of communications and the assistance of english to japanese translators, the following conversation between myself and Cookie is here in Whitehot Magazine. 

Noah Becker: You use comedy a lot in your work. What do you feel comedy creates for the people experiencing your work?

Yaseibakudanan Cookie: Comedy does not cause conflict. I would like people to see my work and feel inner peace.

Becker: Pop art is what I think of when I see your work. It has some American influences but your work also feels very Japanese. What do you think is the difference between an American way of making art and the way you make art?

Cookie: I think that American art treasures meaning. However, I want everyone to feel my work in their own way - after all, it is only a picture.

Yaseibakudanan Cookie, Aristocratic Wife Rose Geek, mixed media sculpture

Becker: Where did you study art?

Cookie: I have never had any art lessons. I just learned how to draw in my own way by doodling.

Becker: Did you know you would be an artist when you were a child?

Cookie: No. I did not think that I would be an artist.

Yaseibakudanan Cookie, First Human, acrylic on canvas

Yaseibakudanan Cookie, I Zavera, acrylic on canvas

Yaseibakudanan Cookie, Miranda, acrylic on canvas

Becker: What influences do you have in terms of art history? Does art history come into your mind when you make art?

Cookie: I am not necessarily influenced by other work. I just draw on the canvas what comes to my mind.

Becker: If you could be any person in history who would you be?

Cookie: Ai Fukuhara, a famous Japanese Ping Pong player

Becker: Do you listen to music or watch movies? Is there some music or film that has inspired you recently?

Cookie: I like to listen to music. The Japanese band Pizzicato Five inspired my work.

Yaseibakudanan Cookie, Me, acrylic on canvas

Noah Becker: Do you have a favorite contemporary artist?

Cookie: Kazuhiro Kiuchi

Becker: What is the process you go through when you're making a new piece? How do you think it up?

Cookie: I start by simply drawing a nose in the middle of the canvas. My hands then just add more parts to the nose to add more balance without me having to think.

Becker: What's coming up next for you?

Cookie: I wish for extreme peace. I believe that without peace, new entertainment cannot be created. WM


Noah Becker

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