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NYC in Pictures and Paint: Arthur King and Joann Gedney opening in NYC at The Yard photos by Michael Anderson

 Art Consultant Gene Seidman, Art in Flux Director Leanne Stella and Painter Gregory De La Haba

Arthur King Explains his Video

Artist and Curator Gregory De La Haba and Westies_Author T.J.English

Artist Miles Ladin

Artists Judy Rifka and Stephan Fowlkes and The Black Sheep Gallery Director Paola Omboni

Author T.J. English

Collector Ross Furman, Artist Olga Klimova and Art Consultant Yelena Furman

Editor-in-Chief Quiet Lunch Magazine Akeem Duncan

Guest of a Guest Photog Ken Arcara

Kilowatt Gallery Director Joshua Knoblick and Industrial Designer Samantha Katehis

Performance Artist Ke Qin Yang

Photographer Arthur King

President of Visual Arts Library George H Waterman III and Sarah Waterman




Whitehot writes about the best art in the world - founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. 


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