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Letter From The Editor: Whitehot Magazine: A History of Inclusion

Whitehot Magazine artist/publisher Noah Becker in New York City in 2019, photo by Rick Prol

, July 2019

When Whitehot Magazine was founded in 2005, it opened up the art-writing world to a large number of new voices and new critics. We've published over 500 writers and over 4500 articles, including important critics of color, we've also published many writers who were marginalized - writers who would never be published on any other platform. The oppressive corporate magazine world has destroyed real art publishing and Whitehot Magazine has been here to fill that void for over 15 years. 

Whitehot has also opened the door for new artists, new galleries and even new art fairs. The subject I publish happens to be contemporary art and I publish with an artist's sensibility - but Whitehot Magazine has always been about writers and writing.

We noticed that Elizabeth Méndez Berry and Chi-hui Yang ( authors of the recent contoversial New York Times article) “Started a program to amplify the work of critics of color” - Whitehot Magazine has stood for and implemented the idea of inclusion for over 15 years. 

Whitehot has published hundreds of unknown writers from every background and we continue to do so. This was great news to hear a recent development in line with our mission would be emerging through a dedicated team.

Whitehot welcomes the marginalized critics that Elizabeth Méndez Berry and Chi-hui Yang work with to contact us through the contact page of Whitehot Magazine. Send ideas for new articles to be potentially written and published in Whitehot Magazine.

Writers from the program started by Ms. Méndez Berry and Mr. Yang and others are welcome to email Noah Becker directly. We look forward to hearing from more critics of color and presenting more critics of color and more marginalized voices. WM 


Noah Becker

Noah Becker is an artist and the publisher and founding editor of Whitehot Magazine. He shows his paintings internationally at museums and galleries. Becker also plays jazz saxophone. Becker's writing has appeared in The Guardian, VICE, Garage, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art and the Huffington Post. He has written texts for major artist monographs published by Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz. Becker directed the New York art documentary New York is Now (2010). Becker's new album of original music "Mode For Noah" was released in 2023. 


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