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New York Art Collectors You Should Know: A Visit With Michael and Sirje Gold

When I arrived at their Manhattan home, I was greeted by Michael and Sirje Gold. The Golds are prominent collectors in New York and formerly Los Angeles. Here is Sirje standing near a bright red painting by Edgar Arceneaux titled  "Wattship" painted in 2008.
Photo by Noah Becker

One of the bedrooms has a portrait tryptich by Amy Adler entitled "Once in Love with Amy". The sculpture called "Rumors of a Rectangle" by Ursula Von Ryndingsvard is to the right. Photo by Noah Becker

When looking over to the other wall we see a series of photos by Ana Mendieta called "Glass on Body Imprints" from 1972. Photo by Noah Becker

This wonderful Murakami sculpture called "Kumo-Kun (Mr. Cloud)", from 2002, greets us in the living area. Photo by Noah Becker

Michael shows me pages from the catalog of their collection. Photo by Noah Becker

Michael explains aspects of their collection and their time in Los Angeles, before moving things to New York. Photo by Noah Becker

Another page from the catalog entitled "Goldmine" that accompanied the Gold's exhibition at California State University Art Gallery. Photo by Noah Becker

Many details to the catalog. Photo by Noah Becker

The Gold's lovable dog has an introspective moment. Photo by Noah Becker

Yoshimoto Nara's "The Little Pilgrim (Night Walking)", from 1999, stands on a side table to the left. Steve Roden's "Transmission 11/1960 (Stellar Regions, 2002, hangs on the wall. Photo by Noah Becker

Hubert Schmalk's painting called "Greece", 2004, hangs on this wall. Photo by Noah Becker

Michael Gold at his home, New York City, 2016. Photo by Noah Becker

A view of the living area. Photo by Noah Becker

Monique Prieto's painting "Orange You Glad" (1995), on the main wall. Photo by Noah Becker

A collection of small works by Marcel Dzama and Jon Pylypchuck in this Gold's office area.



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