November 2008, Studio Visit with Brion Nuda Rosch

Jessica Silverman visits Brion Nuda Rosch's Studio

Brion Nuda Rosch is an artist and curator whose interests involve pushing previously defined boundaries within the standard art world model. While making objects, he is also concerned in developing a relationship with the audience. While bringing together two disciplines traditionally static and removed from one another, Brion seeks to find a balance that combines two sets of thought into a singular and fluid experience.

Recent projects and exhibits include The Infinite Exchange Gallery hosted by the San Jose ICA, and solo exhibits in San Francisco at 301 Bocana Gallery, and in Boston at Allston Skirt Gallery.

For today’s Whitehot Magazine studio visit I want to highlight Brion’s recent project at Southern Exposure called The Portable Ice Cream Stand and his gallery Hallway Bathroom.

Part one, The Portable Ice Cream Stand:

Part art-object, part functioning ice cream stand, The Portable Ice Cream Stand is a nomadic food stand and social gathering serving sweet refreshments at local functions, playgrounds, campsites, laundry mats, and bookstores. During his residency at Southern Exposure, Rosch worked with a visiting cast of artists to build the stand along with an ongoing assemblage of objects. Interested in creating alternative economies, The Portable Ice Cream Stand will hold business hours and function as model for an alternative economy to support various artistic efforts.

  Thanks to Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Rosch was able to serve up sundaes, floats and

  Rosch lent his artistic practice, spatial and interior sensibilities to SOEX. Pictured
 are some sculptures that Rosch began to make out of the dried up mixed paint he
 was using in his studio.


Brion offered starting points for guests making work at the work table. Guests were invited to make artwork with the supplies he provided. Here are some of the starting points:

Make a face using only three parts, make a landscape using only three parts, make a mark for each person you know in the room, next to those make a mark for each person you do not know, and next to those make a mark for each person you wish were here, make a portrait of the person next to you as if holding a still life of plants and animals, make a totem for all past present and future, make a still life of some of your best memories as if spread across the table, make a rainbow for a better tomorrow

 This was the result.

 The Fluxus Coloring Book designed by Rosch and given away at SOEX or for visitors to “color” on or in.

 The Portable Ice Cream Stand T-shirt that Rosch sold for $20 at SOEX.

Part two, Hallway Bathroom Gallery:

Hallway Bathroom Gallery is Rosch’s gallery, which is in his apartment where work is installed in his hallway and bathroom. Hallway Bathroom Gallery aims to foster an intimate network of artists, curators, writers, makers, participants and collectors on a local and international level through on-site and off-site exhibitions, Internet platforms, and social happenings. Opened in 2005, the Hallway Bathroom Gallery rested in 2007 and is back in action as of 2008 with a 3 part series of exhibitions organized by Rosch where works fall under categories of: LANDSCAPE, PORTRAIT, PATTERN. PORTRAIT opened this past week.

 Interior view of “Hallway Bathroom Gallery”

 Work by Eddie Martinez sits above Rosch’s records as he prepares for installation.

 Works by Jaret Penner and Rachel Niffenegger for the new PORTRAIT show

 Another work in the new PORTRAIT show: Bill Donovan

I was so happy to learn about what Brion Nuda Rosch is up to in SF. You should keep an eye out for him too: and

Jessica Silverman

Jessica Silverman is a recent graduate of the MA Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of Arts as well as owner and director of Silverman Gallery, San Francisco. She has taken part in a Curatorial Residency at the Frankfurter Kunstverein the summer of  2006.  As an independent curator she has recently produced International Waters co-curated by artist Soo Kim for StevenWolfGallery, San Francisco and is working on exhibitions with curators Mizuki Endo and whitehot NYC contributor Jan Van Woensel.  In 2008, Silverman and Passenger Books will publish Leaving the Library a catalogue of conversations.     


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