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Oathing Anthony: The Anthony Haden-Guest Artist Vigil (A Merry Reaper Production)


By JOSH HARRIS, August 2022 

Anthony Haden-Guest has been recovering from a few broken ribs. As a get well soon gesture, Josh Harris gathered some of Anthony's friends to contribute to this article...

The invite read:

"To participate email us a few words about your AHG moment and the image."  

Via Jeffrey Deitch: 

After many years of conversations with Anthony about art, I offered to give him an exhibition of his own artworks.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #1


Via Maria Gudjohnsen:

I look forward to hanging out with Anthony Haden-Guest in the Metaverse.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #2



Via Revjen Miller:

I went to an art opening at American Fine Arts where I used to bless the shows. Anthony said, "Reverend Jen, I found something for you" and it was a little crucifix pin, which, being a woman of cloth, I immediately pinned to my jacket and then, in some sort of Exorcist moment, it flew off of my chest. We laughed, but I think he secretly thinks I'm possessed. 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #3


Via Natalie White:

One of the first times I really got to know Anthony Haden Guest was at the 64th birthday party for our mutual friend John Perry Barlow. Anthony looked at me and said, “I like your T-shirt.” I looked at him and said, “I like your T-shirt too.” So we switched T-shirts right there in front of everyone. We never did switch back shirts and I still have that skull T-shirt in the style of I heart NY.  

That became a bonding moment for us and Anthony ended up writing a glowing review of my first show, “Who Shot Natalie White?” It gave me a great deal of confidence that someone as revered in the art world as Anthony would write something so wonderful about my work. 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #4


Via Yvonne R. Sewall:

We met years ago when he was working on an article and called me for an interview and that started our relationship. Anthony is a man of many talents.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #5


Via Michael Musto:

I need him to stick around for a long time because he's the only one left who's older than me. But in all seriousness, he's a hero, a legend and a master partier.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #6



Via Coco Dolle:

I've known Anthony since the early 2000s. We met in the downtown art scenes of New York. He told me he was born in Paris and that his grandmother was French. With his British sense of humor, Anthony always loved a grand entrance with a touch of defiance. I once saw him jump over the red velvet ropes at the Armory show and once climb up the fences from the beach at a Miami Art Basel event. And he was on the guest list! 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #8



Via Juan Puntes:

We often speak about militant writing and art taking the pulse of the moment in history imbibed of poetry in a cut throat marketplace.  We found common ground in biographical details, his mom running a left wing speakeasy in London, and me in the underground in Spain under Franco. 

The jocular darkish sense of humor Brits and Spaniards share, the binder. 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #8


© Patrick McMullan

Via Penny Arcade:

Antony Haden Guest defied the odds by creating an authentic bohemian self while being a NY socialite. 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #9


Via Walter Robinson:

Anthony Haden-Guest scared the shit outta me. A plummy Brit aristocrat, with who knows what links to MI5, he had an assurance that was most alarming. He knew everyone who was anyone, which I certainly was not. He had a quip and a cut for every occasion, which might arise the moment I opened my mouth. He wrote for all the best titles. And what was that biz about arms running adventures in the Middle East? The guy was a monster. And what’s more, he did it all drunk. I’ll never forget, I was at some party, quavering on the sidelines, and in came Anthony, roaring, as he dramatically collapsed, landing flat on his back in the middle of the room. It was an epiphany. I didn’t have to worry about Anthony; tomorrow he wouldn’t remember a thing.  

In fact, as I later realized, Anthony was a real mensch, a sweetheart, a pussycat, as all who know him will attest, a pussycat who has just captured the canary in his smirking mouth. He laughed at the world and he laughed at himself. His most recent talent are his art-world and high-society cartoons, sparsely yet expressively drawn with wry, insider punch lines. That’s the real Antony, cultural flaneur of somewhere, anywhere, everywhere downtown.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #10


Via Barbara Rosenthal: 

If ever a man can light up a room, Anthony's the one! And with great fun and humor he has been a boost for me, every encounter. Here are three that always make me smile and square my shoulders, with two photos. At the Smith & Jones Gallery in Brooklyn for the Corridors show in 2014, in front of my photo "Ola Crosses Sunbeams," he embraced me for the camera and said, "It's little nowhere places like this that gets the best, most individual, art!" And he was first in the joint at Chumley's for my "Wish for Amnesia" book party in 2016, and insisted on buying a copy, not accepting a freebie. And when he did accept a gift copy of my 2009 book, "Existential Cartoons," he said with such joy, "Oh! That's what my cartoons are, too!" This is a brilliant man who loves to share himself and his enthusiasm.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #13


Anthony Haden-Guest by Tom Warren.

Via Tom Warren:

AHG made my day in 1992 when he called me to order two 8x10 prints of the portrait I had taken of him at the Starving Artist Cookbook release event. Very few people have ever done that. It was a nice return to the graces of AHG in 2021 when Anthony interviewed me over the span of three phone calls for his essay in my book, The 1980's Art Scene in New York. Thanks Anthony!

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #14


Via Steve Lewis:

He was merely a rejected royalty who never got over his beginnings. 

He was a big fish in our little pond.

Great guy for us but he deserved better.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #15


Via Jeffrey Wright:

Anthony took to me from the first time we really met, when he read for his big book of cartoons at the National Arts Gallery a decade ago. And I was charmed.  We became friends and read together on several occasions. He read his Kiplingesque rhyming poetry at my book party at Sidewalk Cafe. I published him in Live Mag! He read for us at Howl! Happening where I saw him on many a fun night.  

Anthony is always fun to be around with his restrained style of effervescence. And the man has the greatest kind of style. The generous kind. His tireless devotion to the scene is unmatched in our time. From his lovingly satiric drawings to his enlightening art criticism, Anthony is a beacon and comfort for all who I've been lucky enough to know him and his prodigious, sparkling works. 

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #17


Via Derek Ahonen:

He came to see an elaborately staged, extravagant ‘ghost-story’ play I had staged and was utterly unimpressed when we spoke afterward. I respected his curmudgeonly baddassness.

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #20



Via Josh Luvvy Harris:

Anthony showed up for a Gleason's Gym "Boxing Party" (circa 2000) at my SoHo Loft (curated by The "Impact Addict" 'David Leslie).  An open bar, many beautiful women and a steam room filled with naked New Yorkers didn't distract Anthony.  Instead Anthony Haden-Guest fought the former Italian National Boxing Champ and knocked him out in the third round.   

AHG left the party in the early morning hours with a huge smile on his face whilst being stone cold sober (a NYC record).   

Anthony Haden-Guest -- Oathing The Gods #21 WM


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