Video: A Londoner in Berlin

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our first feature film:

In this 10 minute film, our London reporter Oliver Guy Watkins visits Berlin, conducts several interviews and explores KUNSTHAUS TACHELES, a former site of Nazi offices now a building full of artist's studios.




Oliver Guy Watkins Whitehot Films London

Oliver Guy-Watkins is a 27 year old writer and curator living in London and Berlin. He has had work published by State Of Art, Skope, BigShot, The BBC Website and is the voice of London on His exhibitions have included a film screening by Tracey Emin.

He will be staging a group show in Berlin during August 2007 entitled 'Let The Children Use It', featuring young artists from all over the world. The show will also double as the launch of his first book, a collection of interludes and stories - Plow'd Garlic Hill.

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