Attache Gallery presents: unfolding whole by igor santizo

Attache Gallery presents: unfolding whole by igor santizo
unfolding whole by igor santizo


by igor santizo

"The world is all that is the case."
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

"Individuality is only possible if it unfolds from wholeness."
David Bohm.

Within the mobile and portable context of the Attache Gallery, this project is the gathering of cosmological maps. These works are: studies, a collection of exploratory drawings, the effects of black ink on found paper. Done on sheets for music notation, a set of alphabetized index cards and used file folders, these drawn "documents", consider a simple topological motif.

Emerging initially out of an interest in alchemy and Hermes' caduceus staff, which portrays two snakes wrapping around a wand. These drawings further explore the theme into abstraction, and into a consideration of cthonic force. Energy, coil, fold, wave, ascent/descent are the signature dynamics of these small works. 

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Igor Santizo is a Vancouver based interdisciplinary artist. Through
his drawing collections, found object work, conceptual projects, sound
experiments and teaching, he aims to explore consciousness, body,
object and document as stratas of attention, experience and art
making. His is a production of experiential discovery & experimental

His work has been exhibited locally and abroad, including in solo
projects at: the Western Front, the Or Gallery; and in various group
contexts, including: the Belkin Satellite, the Vancouver Art Gallery,
Art Metropole, White Columns, CESTA (CZ).

Recently he is excited about the underground Vancouver art scene, and
has recently participated in projects at LES Gallery and Gaff gallery.

The Attache Gallery is a not-for-profit portable commercial art
gallery in a black, hardshell briefcase. It opened in February 2006
and since then has showed international artists such as Joey Haley,
Scott Zieher, Mark Delong, Carrie Walker, Kevin Guest, Brad Cran, and
Sonja Hebert. A few shows have been documented for YouTube.

Lee Henderson is the author of The Broken Record Technique, stories,
and a novel to be published next year called The Man Game (both
Penguin). He's a contributing editor for the visual art's magazines
Border Crossings and Contemporary.
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