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Marcarson at Christopher Le Brun's "Swan Ritual" at Albertz Benda

Christopher Le Brun discussing his work, Photo by Catherine Walsh, Artwork in photo: All Day 2022, courtesy of the artist and Albertz Benda, New York, NY

By MARCARSON May, 2023

Christopher Le Brun - Swan Ritual
May 4th - June 23 2023
Albertz Benda, New York, NY

A quote by artist Christopher Le Brun really resonated with me: "The way a poem is built up through lines and images resembles layers of thought. Painting has its layers too - except these are real and physical - so I use my hand and sense of touch in continuous reworking to help me see and think. I need these layers made over time to make something that will absorb endless looking but that will defy easy meaning.”

Le Brun's works are somewhat reminiscent of Paul Klee's in the way he employs pastel colors in some areas of his paintings. This mode of color theory, (which I'm a huge fan of), lends itself to this kind of abstract painting. Le Brun's colors create a calming effect for viewers and the poetics of color come into effect...

Meeting Le Brun in person was my favorite part of the press event. I usually want to be more confrontational with artists when meeting in-person but Christopher was a good lad. I do wonder though - because Le Brun once taught at such a prestigious school as the Royal Academy of the Arts, does it hinder him approaching his paintings with a naive eye? WM



Marcarson is the owner of NOT FOR THEM, an art house/concept gallery in New York City.

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