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Nam June Paik at National Gallery of Singapore & 12 Ways Collectors Can Help Galleries Survive and Thrive

Nam June Paik. John Cage Robot II. 1995. Vintage wood television cabinets, color television receivers, DVD players, multi-channel video, piano keys, piano hammers, piano wire, acrylic paint, basket, books, wood mushrooms, and chessmen, 108 x 80 x 31 in. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, 2011.17. Photography by Edward C. Robison III.

This large-scale institutional exhibition is a major 5 decades survey of visionary Korean artist NAM JUNE PAIK,  who in many ways anticipated the Internet. .  . Paik is credited for introducing the term “electronic superhighway,” which foretold transformations in the way people would communicate in the networked age of the internet. 

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With all the talk about the struggles of emerging and smaller galleries, much of the commentary has been focused on how fairs can better support galleries, or how galleries can experiment with new models to survive. But what about collectors?  ... As the party that comes to the table with arguably the most resources, do they have any role or responsibility in ensuring gallerists can keep the lights on?

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