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Surfers and Artists Unite: Surfers Healing - A Foundation for Autism


On Wednesday, December 10th, Whitehot Magazine visited the Patagonia surf shop on the Bowery in New York City where it's currently hosting The Bowery Project, a selection of custom surfboards created by some of the most famous artists and surfers in the world including Damien Hirst, Julian Schnabel, Ron English, Tom Sachs and Michael Torquato de Nicola. The proceeds from all board sales to benefit Surfers Healing - A Foundation for Autism founded by Israel (Izzy) Paskowitz and his wife Danielle. You can bid until midnight, December 31st at www.BiddingForGood.com/SurfersHealing. Organized and curated by by Seth Harris, The Bowery Project is a must-see surf show for those with a love for art and surf. Featured boards by Dana Louise Kirkpatrick, Kevin T. Kelly, Robert Williams, Relax, Len Prince, 2x4, Ben Eine, Dalton Portella and Whitehot contributor de la Haba. WM

Photos by Michael Della Polla​ 

Some of the very cool artist designed boards at Pantagonia on the Bowery

Boards by Dalton Portella, Ron English, Michael de Nicola and Ben Eine

The Line-up!

Julian Schnabel heading the line-up

Surfer Mike Pienciak, artist de la Haba & wife Teresa, chatting with Diran Grey gallery owner Christopher Pusey beneath a Tom Sachs custom
Please make a bid - You have until midnight, Dec 31

Izzy Paskowitz, guest, and Gregory de la Haba

Noah Becker spotted at the show

Actor and producer Robert Ross

Just what are they thinking?

Dalton Portella, Ron English and I Am Torquato boards

Organizer and curator of The Bowery Project Seth Harris (right) with sad friend 

Surf Dog




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