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Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Stirs Controversy with New Work


Chinese artist Ai Weiwei imitating the lifeless body of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi on the Greek Island of Lesbos. (Rohit Chawla for India Today)

(via Washington Post)

Courtesy Rama Lakshmi

NEW DELHI -- The heartbreaking image of a dead 3-year old Syrian refugee who was drowned in the Mediterranean sea last year just got a huge artistic tribute.

Last week, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei closed his eyes and lay face down on a cold, pebbled beach  imitating the lifeless body of the Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi.

That photograph of Ai captured by India Today magazine on the Greek island of Lesbos is now the toast of the India Art Fair at an exhibition called “The Artists” this weekend. - Read full article HERE



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