Whitehot Magazine

Amstel Gallery New York and Gregory de la Haba Present: The Judy Rifka Project and The Jay Milder Catalog Raisonne Kickoff Brunch at The Yard, Herald Square.

 Aritist Judy Rifka

Painter Jay Milder

Art Advisor Sylvie Esterhazy Kovacs Gallerist Larry Franks and Cardiologist Arch Saxena 

Artist and curator Gregory De La Haba, Collector John Smith, Attorney Stephen Weingrad, Antique Dealer Jack Shaoul and Painter Jay Milder

Artist Agni Zotis

Artist Barbara Slitkin

Billy the Artist

 Writer Jasmin Hernandez with Curator and Quiet Lunch Publisher Akeem Duncan 

Flux Art Fair Director Leanne Stella

Gallerist Eugene Hyon

Gallerist Paola Omboni

Interior Designer Sven Del Vecchio and Art Nerd Publisher Lori Zimmer

Jazz Saxophonist Bob Mover

Jazz Musicians Noah Becker and Bob Mover

Painter Amy Hill

Painter Ayn Choi

Painter Robert Preston

Photographer Steven Hirsch

Poet Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Quiet Lunch Publisher Abim Afolabi

Video Artist Marjan Moghaddam




Whitehot writes about the best art in the world - founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. 


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