Writer bar owner fashionista Ali Sky

Trust for Governors Island Development officer Emily Tanner-McLean and Nadine Johnson & Associates' Christina CaputoArtist Annika Connor

Tom Sachs Space Program Mars 

Tom Sachs installation

Installation view

Installation view

Tom Sachs explains things to Bill Powers

the Hole director Kathy Grayson

Street Attack CEO Brett Zaccardi 40 Year Old Rapper Magic Bowman and Magic Propaganda Mill's Rico Cortes

Stikeman Elliot Canadian Barrister Kim Le

Space suit wardrobe

Reverend Alma Daniel, Collector Gregg Schenker and Wife

Purchase New Media Professor Brooke Singer and Parsons Professor Stefani Bardin

Producer Jillian Weinberger, Student Alex Levitov and Editor Emily Greenhouse

Photographer Lindsay Dye, curator artist Dave Bates and artist designer Joanna Seitz

Paper Magazine's Carlo McCormick

Mom Sachs and friend

MOMA Senior Curator Paola Antonelli, Art Production Fund Co-Founder Yvonne Force Villareal and MOMA Associate Curator Josh Siegel

Mission Control

Mars Tool Shed

Mars RV

Mars Rover

Mars Lander

Hustler Maggie Trakai and Dog Trainer Jamel Basora

Gothamist's Jen Carlson

Gallerist Joshua Liner

Gaby Rauch, Photographer Jai Lennard and Sperone Westwater's Aurelia Rauch

Fashion Producer Billy Morgan and MOMA Associate Cerrie Woodner Bamford

Executive Editor US Weekly Jaimee Zanzinger and artist Sheila Noorollah

Curator Robert Curico

Curator Amelia Abdullahsani and director of individual giving, major gifts Mary Anne Talotta

The crowd at Tom Sachs Space Project Mars

Creative Time's Elise Gallant

Collectors Philip and Gertrude Dub

Collectors Leesa and Renee Willett

Collectors Laurie and Jim Oestreich

Collector Naututu and Art Maven Rakien

Collector Laure Lim and Jill Brienza

BAGGU Designer Emily Sugihara and Editor Caitlin O'Shaughnessy

Astronaut at work

Artist Mac Alfred Steiner

Artist astronaut Tom Sachs

Artist Tom Cullberg and Curator Bomi Odufunade

Artists Nora Herting and Brent Owens

Artist Robert Longo and Hatje Cantz International Publishing Director Markus Hartmann

Artist Justen Ladda, Company Agenda's Gina Nanni and Gallerist Eric Firestone

Artist Jonathan Allen and Guggenheim director of individual giving, major gifts, Mary Anne Talotta

Artist Greg Kessler, Astronaut KK and Curator Sarah Walzer

Artist Daniel St. George and Biker Bobby Friese

Artist Christy Denton

Artist Annika Connor Bond Girl vs Darth Vader

Artist Anna Ragusa and Jeff Koon Studio Assistant Lauran Rothstein

Artinfo's Emerald Fitzgerald

Armory fund raisers Amy Gong and Heather Lubov with the notorious Anthony Haden-Guest

Armory entrance

Actor Leon Browning


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