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The Free Souls and Happy Spirits of Coney Ishida

Coney Ishida, I wish, 2021, ink and graphite on paper


By NOAH BECKER February, 2023

Whitehot: What are the identities of the recurring characters in your drawings? It almost has a wonderful Keith Haring quality.

Coney Ishida: These characters represent "Souls" and "Spirits.” I would like my artwork to be as strong as Keith Haring. I too wish to contribute to society through charities with my work like Haring did.

WM: You art has a pop art feeling, are you a pop artist?

CI: I have not really thought about which category I belong to.

WM: How do you come up with ideas for your works?

CI: When I create my work, I take my time to imagine again and again with my own feelings and wishes.

WM: Are you interested in making paintings or sculptures?

CI: Yes, I am interested in making both paintings and sculptures. I have been studying oil painting for 6 years. Someday I want to make my art with oil paint. Also, I have been learning to make sculptures by myself for over the past year and looking to complete my first sculptural works this year.

Coney Ishida, New Era, 12/21/20, graphite on paper

Coney Ishida, Freedom

Coney Ishida, New Era, 2021, graphite on paper

WM: What artists inspire you?

CI: I am inspired by various artists such as Hayao Miyazaki, old Disney animation, Osamu Tezuka (Japanese manga artist), Super Mario, Japanese comics and etc, especially when I was in my childhood. In fine art, I love Rembrandt's sketches and drawings.

WM How do you work? In a sketchbook or do you have a studio?

CI: I am working on my desk in my room now. Someday, I would like to have my own studio and challenge myself to create large-scale pieces and various kinds of works.

WM: Would you describe your work as being inspired by cartoons?

CI: Yes, I think it has a very strong influence on me.

Coney Ishida, Connect 2, 2021, ink on paper

Coney Ishida, Hope, graphite on watercolor paper

WM: What do you dream about?

CI: My dream is that in the future where we live with no war and conflict. Where people will help each other and respect animals and nature.
I believe it will come true.

WM: What do you want viewers to experience looking at your work?

CI: I hope that when people see my works, they will smile, have fun, and be kind.

WM: Is there something you want to accomplish in the future?

CI: I want to do an exhibition! I would like to do an exhibition which people of all ages can enjoy by interacting with my work. 

Visit https://coneyishida.com to see more of the artist's works...

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