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‘East Meets West’ marks artist Samiro Yunoki’s 100th birthday & the slave ship in a London courtyard

Samiro Yunoki's works pictured inside a suite at Ace Hotel Kyoto. (Image credit: Yoshihiro Makino).

Via WESLEY YUEN, November 2022 

"Comprised of six works from each artist, 'East Meets West' is a celebration of colour, geometry and form. It also coincides with Yunoki's 100th birthday and poetically underscores the longevity an artist's creative legacy can have..." 

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O Barco / The Boat by Grada Kilomba, a Portuguese writer and interdisciplinary artist of African descent (from Sao Tome and Angola).

"In Europe a history is being told that doesn't reflect the complexity of the reality of people who lived and survived the slave trade."

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