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Whitehot Recommends: Christos Katsiaouni's Lately at Sitting Room Gallery

Courtesy of Sitting Room Gallery.

By WM May 2, 2024

From the press release:

Christos Katsiaouni and Sitting Room Gallery are excited to announce the release of a new body of photographic work entitled “Lately”. Katsiaouni is a cultural documentarian who has worked with a camera in New York City for the past 15 years, primarily in the discipline of night time photography. His work has been published by notable publications including The New York Times, Vogue Magazine, Interview Magazine and Vanity Fair. He has functioned as an in-house photographer for a variety of cultural institutions in the City including top tier hotels, nonprofits, art galleries and museums. Katsiaouni has presented solo shows of his work at several downtown venues during his time as a photographer. London born to a Cypriot father and Irish mother, and raised before the age of 12 in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, Katsiaouni has made his home in New York City for the past 32 years. His contemporaries include luminaries from the downtown cultural ecosystem; those involved in the visual arts, literature and music, as well as those who curate New York’s nightlife.

For this upcoming show “Lately” Katsiaouni will show never before printed images from his extensive catalog. All of these photographs were captured from the beginning of 2021 into the current year. The show’s title “Lately” stems from the recent nature of the work presented and the time at night when he performs his work; late.  This body of work encapsulates images in which a rattled New York City emerges from the Covid 19 pandemic and starts to have fun again. These photographs are a portrait of life, in the night, in America’s biggest city. The photography depicts people both famous and not so famous, all of whom Katsiaouni finds beautiful, substantive and delightful. During the Covid 19 pandemic Katsiaouni dealt with a great amount of personal loss as close friends passed away under tragic circumstances; this show is his attempt to find some meaning and joy in his work after a very dark period. Lately is a love letter to people who make living in the night worthwhile. WM

Lately will run through May 9th, 2024


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