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Louis Granet Takes New York With A Solo Show at Neumann Wolfson Art

Louis Granet, Diptych, images courtesy of Neumann Wolfson Art, New York, NY


Neumann Wolfson Art is presenting the first US solo exhibition of French artist Louis Granet. I had a chance to visit the gallery and speak with the artist. 

Noah Becker: Where were you born?

Louis Granet: Bordeaux, in the south of France. 

NB: Where did you attend art school? 

LG: The art school in Bordeaux, France then the school for comics in Angoulême, France. 

NB: There’s a comics art school in France? After that did you go to a school for what we think of as non-comics style art? 

LG: After this comics school I went to art school for decorative art in Strasbourg in the north of France.  

NB: Ok, then after that?

LG: After that I went to Paris for three years and worked for the painter Stephan Calais - I worked as his assistant on his wall paintings.

NB: How did you meet the Neumann Wolfson gallery?

LG: I met Hubert Neumann, who as you know is a collector, I met him at a group show I was part of in Paris at Triple V Gallery there. 

NB: I see.

LG: Then after he introduced me to Alison Katz Wolfson and Belinda Neumann.  

Installation view, Louis Granet, Neumann Worlfson Art, New York, NY

Installation view, Louis Granet, Neumann Worlfson Art, New York, NY

NB: In Paris?  

LG: Yes, in Paris as well - during FIAC.  

NB: Then they invited you to come to New York and do their residency? 

LG: Exactly. It was a 65 day residency and I was experiencing a lot of culture shock being in New York for the first time.

NB: These are painted from photos you took in New York?

LG: I work in the street by talking photos there. Then I take the photos back to my studio and make drawings of the photos. Then I make lots of different compositions through drawing at my studio and select the image I want to make a painting from. 

NB: So it’s a New York theme.

LG: Yes, It’s all about New York. WM


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