January 2014: Gregory de la Haba and Lee Wells Present: Colette Lumiere, Frank Shifreen, and Robert Petrick at IFAC

Akeem Duncan, Founder/Editor Quiet Lunch Magazine all photos by Elliot Goldstein

Anthony Haden-Guest and Colette

One hip dude.

Paintings by Frank Shifreen

Painter Robert Petrick with Penny Arcade and guests.

de la Haba, Penny Arcade, and Lee Wells all photos by Elliot Goldstein

IFAC Inaugural with Colette Lumiere

Jewelry designer Sara Samoiloff and A.J. Herold

An IFAC guest stylin' next to a painting by Robert Petrick

Third floor scene with works by Colette Lumiere

The beautiful Colette Lumiere all photos by Elliot Goldstein

The lobby scene with works by Frank Shifreen

. Artist Bernd Naber, curator/writer Elizabeth Rogers and de la Haba

Garren Gotthardt from Artsy.com

Artists d[NASA]b and BTA sharing a laugh.

Artist Marjan Moghaddam

Artist Agni Zotis

The 2nd floor scene with paintings by Robert Petrick

Arnolda Noir

de la Haba & Lee Wells

de la Haba, Carrie Wagner, and Lee Wells

de la Haba, Arnolda Noir, Lee Wells and artist Michael Ricardo Andreev all photos by Elliot Goldstein







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