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The King Elon Petition: Save the Worlds


By JOSH HARRIS, June 2021

Date: 2021 (4 years prior to the Algorithmic Cloud Inflection) 
To: Techno-King Elon Musk
Fr: Josh 'Luvvy' Harris (On behalf of the Artists)
Re: Tate Cybership Petition

Opensea assets HERE


King Elon, 

The artists petition Your Highness to build the future in advance at the Tate Modern in London. 

The primary mission is to match the world's leading moguls with the finest artists in order to engender humankind's "Elegant Evolution into the Algorithmic Cloud."   

When fully realized, the Tate Modern installation shall engineer a race of Cyborgs specifically designed to make the human animal redundant in our world.

The secondary mission is to create "The Greatest Party In The History Of The World."  We might as well go out in style.

Evolve out,

The Artists 


Mission Concepts and Background 

King Elon you are in a unique position to save the world.  Do we peacefully coexist or fight to extinction?  Modern civilization's answer might very well be in your Royal hands.  

Human to Singularities Conversion Forecast

Fall of 2024 --- HAL 9000 option expires (disable)
Spring of 2030 --- WOPR option expires (degrade)
Winter of 2040 --- Terminator, the human option expires (terminate)

Artistic License: Have no doubt that creating the Borg is a dangerous undertaking.  As in any hazardous human endeavor people will likely come to harm.  The umbrella of the Tate Modern provides an environment wherein artists and moguls can literally get away with mayhem, misery and murder under the auspices of managing humankind's fast approaching extinction.  Artistic freedom if you will.

The Last Waltz for Humankind: Moguls and artists can agree that humankind might as well go out in style.  The Tate Cybership might be our "final hurrah" as the dominant species on earth. So why not throw the greatest party in the history of the world to mark the occasion?   

Techno-King Elon's Thesis (proposed): Imagine being a Mayan Indian ages ago declaring that 2012 is the year the world as we know it will end. The problem for the Mayans back then was that they couldn’t conceive of “how” a technological revolution would connect people and information independent of space and time. 

The Mayans simply accepted that the human condition born from millions of years of evolution would end and evolve into another form of consciousness. We now know that they are talking about The Singularity (billions of human brains weaved together in a vast data net that form a new higher level intelligence).

For us modern humans, now living at the cusp of the 2012 dividing line, the issue at hand is perspective. To the extent possible we need to understand that the next evolutionary force is building, at a rapidly accelerated pace, better and more efficient human chicken factories.  We need to understand that these factories are cages of the mind and that we are becoming the factory chickens that we eat.   

We are not concerned with right or wrong or better or worse but rather are interested in engaging this next evolutionary force before it completely absorbs us. So we build these working human chicken factories of the future, in advance, in order to understand how it all works before the final locks are snapped on our collective cages.

Red Herring: Your Highness risks letting what the Borg did to Captain Picard happen to Your Royal personage.



Casting Call for the Tate Cybership

The artists first pass casting (random order) for the Tate Cybership.  Other categories and persons to be determined. 


Air Sommeliers for the herd.  Atmosphere custom designed for every breath of every person. King Elon recognizes more than most the importance of 'atmosphere' in every moment of life (a trivial matter on earth but non-trivial on Mars, et. al.).    

Elon Musk
Jennifer Lawrence
Gigi Hadid
Stella McCartney
Paris Jackson
Tom Sachs
Margherita Missoni
Madison Iseman
Jimmy Fallon
Cindy Crawford
Eric Clapton

The Red Button

We can anticipate threats and plan around them. But so can a super intelligent agent.  The Red Button turns off the Algorithmic Cloud.

Lady Gaga
Mark Zuckerberg
Amanda Gorman
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jack Ma
Taylor Swift
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Jaden Smith
Eric Schmidt
Cecily Brown
Richard Branson
Barbara Streisand
Samuel L. Jackson

The Borg

Transforming humans into a race of working CyBorgs (Cybernetic organisms linked in a hive mind).   

Whitney Kroenke Burditt
Jeff Koons
Abbey Disney
Herbert Fisk Johnson III
George Lucas
Cher Wang
Patrick Stewart
Chloe Green
Edward Lampert
Allegra Versace Beck
Steve Case
Amanda Iger
Jim Parsons

The Go 

Gamification of a principal bodily function.

Susan Wojcicki
Spencer Tunick
Greta Gerwig
Ben Stiller
Patty Hearst
Trip Hawkins
Taylor Swift
Alexander Soros
Mark Cuban
Randa Williams
Destry Allyn Spielberg
Josh Harris (financier)

The Helm

A working command deck optimized for human engagement with the Algorithmic Cloud and the general population.

MacKensy Scott
Tom Cruise
J.J. Abrams
Georgia May Jagger
Chuck Lorre
Anderson Cooper
Megan Ellison
Ted Leonsis
Francoise Bettencourt-Meyers

Mission Control

Orchestrating cyberspace missions big and small.
Amanda Hearst
Marc Benioff
Stacey Abrams
Larry David
Christina Koch
David Zaslav
Jane Goldman
Matt Damon
Delphine Arnault
Patrick Shriver Schwarzenegger
Jane Rosenthal

Capsule Hotel 

The crew's quarters. 

Jeff Bezos
Michelle Obama
Katherine Bigelow
Richard Branson
Paris Hilton
Haley Busch
Zachary Dell
Paige Laurie
Margot Robbie
Tim Draper
Vera Wang
Steve Wozniak

Elegant Evolution 

Human to AI peaceful transfer of power. 

Bill Gates
Marina Abramovic
Dylan Lauren
Annette Bening
George Clooney
Tinsley Mortimer
Jerry Seinfeld
Marta Ortega-Perez
Ed Ruscha
Jane Lauder
George Takei


Surfaces of the Tate Modern enveloped by the Algorithmic Cloud. 

Tom Ford
Stella McCartney
Frank Gehry
Cindy Sherman
Larry Page
Lydia Hearst-Shaw
Jamie Johnson
Ally Hilfiger
Sofia Abramovich
Jay Z
Anna Wintour


1000's of Monoliths installed on the Earth, Moon and Mars  Individuals and crowds big and small commune just as the 2001 Space Odyssey intended. 

Scarlett Johansson
Leonardo DeCaprio
Megan Johnston
Bernard Arnault
Cecily Brown
Tim Cook
Damien Hirst
Lisa Jobs
Larry Gagosian
Jim Carey
Jane Fonda
Brock Pierce 


Managing every member of the herd's every bite of food. 

Ariana Rockefeller
Jenny Saville
Julian Schnabel
Anne-Sophie Pic
Sean Penn
Lynsi Synder
Amanda Lucas
Abigail Johnson
Rick Rubin
Dominique Crenn
Lisa Kudrow  
Daniel Auteuil 

The Hive Orchestra

Millions and millions work in concert to produce programming for the AI.

Eve Jobs
Yo-Yo Ma
Melinda French Gates
Quentin Tarantino
Clare Bronfman
James Murdoch
Jenna Courtin-Clarins
Ed Harris
Susan Wojcicki
Larry Ellison
Claire Denis
Takashi Murakami
Mia Hamm

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