2022 Scotia New Generation Photography Award, Influential Collector Dies at 65, & How China's Private Art Museums Survive

Wang Lin, partner at Spring Capital and a patron of Today Art Museum in Beijing, China, at the museum. Photo: Simon Song.

…. there were 1,860 privately held museums in China in 2021.

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Chinese-Indonesian BUDI TEK was one of the most prodigious collectors of contemporary art in Asia, focusing particularly on Chinese and Asian art, though his collection also included major works from the West. . . . His rise on the international collecting scene was swift. He began collecting in 2004, founded his Yuz Foundation in 2007, and, in 2014, opened the Yuz Museum in Shanghai. He appeared on ARTnews‘s Top 200 Collectors list each year between 2012 and 2017.

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Clara Lacasse, Plateaux, 2020, inkjet print. Collection of the artist. © Clara Lacasse. 

The three recipients of the 2022 Scotia New Generation Photography Award founded by the National Gallery of Canada: Séamus Gallagher, Marisa Kriangwewat Holmes and Clara Lacasse. 

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https://www.gallery.ca/about/prizes/new-generation-photography-award WM

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