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Kanye West's Kerry James Marshall Tweetstorm


By NOAH BECKER, Sept. 2018

Rapper Kanye West is obviously a huge fan of Kerry James Marshall. The rapper went on a Twitter rampage, recently tweeting many of the artist's images.

We're happy to see great painters getting mainstream attention - we prefer this to Kanye talking about how "Slavery was a choice." WM



Noah Becker

Noah Becker shows his art internationally. A visual artist and the publisher and founding editor of Whitehot Magazine, Becker has also written freelance articles for The Guardian, VICE, Garage, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art and the Huffington Post and contributed texts to major artist monographs published by Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz. Becker also directed the New York art documentary New York is Now (2010) viewable on Youtube. 

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