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Several Georg Baselitz Paintings Hung Right-Side Up For First Time Reveals His Inferiority to Women Artists

One of the Baselitz paintings seen here right-side up for the first time, clearly shows the German artist's inferiority to most women artists.



Georg Baselitz, a German artist who has been quoted as saying women artists are inferior to male artists, has recently seen his work hung normally on a wall for the first time. 

Baselitz, who has been deliberately hanging his paintings upside-down for most of his career, had two pieces hung the right way on a wall by several members of the Democratic National Committee on Tuesday.

The result of seeing Baselitz's paintings right-side up, clearly illustrates his complete inferiority to women artists throughout history. WM

The other "flipped around and hung properly" Baselitz painting reveals a Bernie Sanders-like figure walking away from a Hillary Clinton looking figure. Now that we can see them properly, these works show possibly less painterly prowess than any female artist in history.




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