Renoir Sucks At Painting And There's An Instagram Account To Prove It

By NOAH BECKER August, 2018

I've never been a fan of Renoir's paintings. As a figurative painter it drives me crazy to look at his work, I just can't stand it. There's something so wishy washy about his use of color and brush strokes - I never got it. I get so many other artists but not Renoir.

Now I discover that I'm not alone in my epic dislike for the art of Pierre-Auguste Renoir - there are others who share my disdain.

An instagram account called Renoir Sucks At Painting shares my views on Renoir but takes things a bit further. They go a bit overboard with the Donald Trump tie-in - Trump has fake prints of famous Renoir paintings hanging on his walls. But I get get it, fine - go for it guys...

So although I detest Renoir's paintings, this Instagram account makes me feel a bit sorry for the artist.

I'm not a fan of hating on artists because someone horrible was associated with their art. Take Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler (maybe a bad example), or Weird Al Yankovic and Michael Jackson (better), or Donald Trump and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. WM

Noah Becker

Noah Becker shows his paintings internationally. A visual artist, saxophonist and the publisher and founding editor of Whitehot Magazine, Becker has also written freelance articles for many other major magazines. Becker's writing has appeared in The Guardian, VICE, Garage, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art and the Huffington Post. He has also written texts for major artist monographs published by Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz. Becker directed the New York art documentary New York is Now (2010) viewable on Youtube. 

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