October 2012: PHOTOS: Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Project Space - We the People Opening

Anna McCarty, Johnathan Horowitz, Alison Gingeras (co-curators)

David Goodman, James Powers

Catherine Smith, Brian Feldman, Alexander Clark

Cathy Einhorn, Olivia Georgia, Barbara Dufty, Kim Cullen

Charlie Bergman, Samuel Sachs

Christine Frohnert, Thomas Buehler

David Velasco and Linda Yablonsky

El Trezepalz and Meredith Ostrom

Gallery View

Gavin Brown

Jay Kinney

Jordan Robin, Richard Phillips

Kim Rosen, Andrea Mihalovic, Katie Pawlik

Maria Elena Gonzalez and Mary Miss

Marshall Reese, Nora Ligorano, Bob Blanton

Max Falkenstein, Barbara Gladstone

Melissa Bent, Tom Borgese

Mirge Liljehult
Molly Gottschalk

Artist Noah Becker with Emerald Fitzgerald

Rachael Inch, Jaime Schwartz

Robert Panzer

Rose Dergan, Bill Miller

Sharon Ullman, Gina Guy, Lawrence Gefford

Stacy Engman

Romney painting by Richard Phillips

Charlene Stevens

Charlene Stevens is a writer and photographer currently living in New York. She has spent the last few years in The Netherlands studying for a MA in Film and Photographic Studies at Universiteit Leiden and following the art on the European continent.



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