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April 2013: Federico Solemni @ Postmasters

Artist Federico Solemni

Artists Chris Bors and artist Ketta Ioannidou with artist Noah Becker

Collage Artists Christina Galasso and George Rahme

Curator Joy Garnett

Friend and artist Federico Solemni

Collector Harish Moorjani

Guests at the exhibition

PR maven Robert Von Leszczynski with Postmasters director Paulina Bebecka, artists Steve Mumford and Monica Cook.

Friend and Postmasters director owner Magdalena Sawon

Postmasters director owner Magdalena Sawon

Guests at the exhibition

Collectors Ravi Kumar, Harish Moorjani, Gita Moorjani and Hira Adwani with Artist Federico Solemni


Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson makes collages from international street posters and moonlights as an art paparazzi at Whitehot Magazine. Check out his work at www.chamuconegro.com

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