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Cutlog Art Fair in Pictures

 A. Robert Montgomery welcoming one and all to CUTLOG.


Parisian based Cutlog hosted it's second New York fête last week to coincide with London based Frieze. Word on the street, is that Cutlog -unpolished and raw- was 'tops', 'great' and with 'the energy and hutzpah reminicent of the early days of Scope when Scope was small, intimate, beginning and in a hotel.' The proof is in the pudding the saying goes and with images of fashion icon Daphne Guinness visiting Cutlog and more precisely, the Serbian artist Mane Sakic, one has to believe it most certainly had something valid going for itself -afterall, when the lady and muse behind Alexander McQueen shows up people listen. at least those in the know. And speaking of muses, Peter Beard's, Ms. Natalie White, was seen visiting with artist de la Haba at Amstel Gallery's massive booth to see the latest painting he did portraying her as Agnus Dei. Imagine, Natalie White as the Lamb of God. Judging from the pictures here, taken by Elliot Goldstein, Cutlog slaughtered it and reveled like mad during New York's holiest of art week. WM

Daphne Guinness

Artist Bernd Naber

Fuchs Projects & Ballerinas

A beaming Lara Pan, curator, with Mane Sakic & Daphne Guinness

Aliens band member Samm Cohen checking out Separation Anxiety

Amstel gallerist Petra Leene with artist Lee Wells showcasing his paintings (background left) along with the paintings of Kathy Grayson (background right)

Artgasms' Liz McKeen w Mane Sakic

Artist de la Haba, Mrs. dlH & Amstel Gallery owner Petra Leene

Artist Judy Rifka visiting Separation Anxiety @ Cutlog

Artists David Henry Brown Jr & Joe Heaps Nelson

Steve Ellis, BTA & Agni Zotis

Artist Ward Yoshimoto @ Spree Galerie

Artistm photographer Jordan Doner

Brooklyn born DAIN @ Folioleaf with dealer Todd Masters

Cutlog founder Guy Reziciner

Cutlog was naughty and nice

Gregory de la Haba, Daphne Guinness & Mane Sakic

Elena Furman, Mane Sakic, Daphne Guinness and Liz McKeen

Juan Puntes and Tony Guerrero showcasing Anthony Haden Guest

Kilkenny publican & collector Micky Brannigan (red sweater) amidst a fashionable crowd

Ms. Natalie White

Greg Haberny, back wall left @ Ethan Cohen

Quiet Lunch founder Akeem Duncan

Separation Anxiety curated by Lee Wells and Laura O'Reilly

Swoon @ Pascale Goldenstein Gallery

The looks @ Cutlog were to die for

The scene at Cutlog was one of quality over quantity

Hair Club for Men Inductee artist Marc Grubstein






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