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March 2013: PHOTOS: Scope New York 2013

Annelies Bol-Boerma and Amstel gallerist Petra Leene

Collector Claus Martin Andersen and artist Tine Helleshoj

Artist Bernd Naber

Artist Brett De Palma

Artist Disney Nasa Borg and Desiree Konian

Friend and Christian Farvar

Artist Graham Preston and Friend

Artist Greggory De La Haba

Artist Joe Heaps Nelson

Scope Art's Daria Brit Shapiro and artist and publisher Noah Becker

Artist Lucy Pullen

Artist and publisher Noah Becker, artist Leah Singer, artist/musician Lee Ranaldo and artist Michael Anderson

Bad at Sports writer Richard Holland

Artist Barnaby Whitfield and friend

Blogger James Rosenthal

Collectors Peter Fry

Cool narcotics cop

Cultural Engineer Kurt Bigenho Flanked by Models

Curator Adev

Curator David Gibson and artist Michele Basora

Curator Ombretta Agro

Scope Art banner on 33rd st

Guest at Scope

Scope Art's Daria Brit Shapiro

Fashion Stylist Kat Merlot and Designer Tarik Baker

Collector Jon Dodd and artist Aaron Johnson

Friend and Art Nerd New York's Lori Zimmer

Gallerist Allegra La Viola

Gallerist Fred Torres with Rachael Kurjakovic and friend

Gallerist Hans Alf

Gallerist Kent Wolfsen and Artist Ole Ahlberg

Gallerist Morten Poulsen

Guests at Scope

Guests at Scope

Guests at Scope

Andrea Duchon  and photographer Michael Halsband

Musician Esperanza Spalding

Musician and dancer Ramses Alexander

Artist Noah Becker

Peanut Underground's Lee Wells

Performance artist Tiffany Trenda

Peter Busch-Jensen and artist Maria Torp

Photographer Joel Sheakoski, musician dancer Ramses Alexandre, musician astrobiologist Ella Joyce Buckley and hairstylist Daniel Bombach

Punk rock Bruce

Scope entrance

View of Empire State Building from Scope

Sculptor Maria Rubinke

Street Artist Iam Tmnk

Video artist Marjan Moghaddam

Whitehot Brooklyn Editor Leah Schlackman

Wooster Collective's Sara Shiller and Daughter Samantha

Writer critic Katy Diamond Hamer and shoe designer Ce Ce Chin

Writer muse Leighana Waight and artist Rebecca Goyette

Photographer Luca Pizzioli

Artist Chambliss Giobbi

Artist Rene Holm

Artist Spencer Tunick

Artist Rene Ricardo and artist critic Paul Laster

Curator art consultant Catinca Tabacaru

Curator and muse Mie Iwatsuki

Publicist Margery Newman





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