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The New Berlin Papers at Someplace Berlin all photos by Jesse F. Abrams

The New Berlin Papers

The New Berlin Papers get a closer reading

The New Berlin Papers stacked

Mia Marjanovic, Berlin fashion blogger reading The New Berlin Papers

Berlin artist Paul Vogeler and ArtStars* host Nadja Sayej having a Christian moment

Journalist Nadja Sayej and Berlin art blogger Anna-Lena Werner

A viewer in awe at The New Berlin Papers

Nadja Sayej, editor-in-chief of Grateful Grapefruit, Christo Mitov and Canadian writer, RM Vaughan.

One of the New Berlin Painters, Paul Vogeler, and friend

Moritz Hoffmann and artist Sarah O'Donoghue

Nina Legenhed from Nordic by Nature and Mia Marjanovic

Nadja Sayej taking pics with Christo's camera

Daniele, part of the New Berlin Painters crew

Canadian writer RM Vaughan

Moritz Hoffmann and photographer Niculai Constantinescu

Danish artist Lars Bjerre

Nadja Sayej

Nadja Sayej is a Canadian journalist, broadcaster and internationally-acclaimed art critic who is best known as the leader of the new art criticism with her web-TV show, ArtStars*. In her balls-out, snappy Gonzo approach to demystify the inner workings of success in the art world, she has interviewed top-notch art world celebrities like Gilbert & George, John Waters, Peaches, Bruce LaBruce, Robert Crumb, among others, with unmatchable wit and style. Dubbed the “Perez Hilton of Neukölln,” “Borat of the Berlin art scene,” Nadja is represented by 1A Management in Berlin. She reports on visual art and architecture for The New York Times. Follow her on Twitter @ArtStars.

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