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Book Review: Michael Raedecker Published by Phaidon Press

Phaidon Press published this Michael Raedecker hardcover art book, sent  to Whitehot Magazine for a potential review, June 2023. Courtesy of the artist and Phaidon Press.


By NOAH BECKER June, 2023

There's a great lecture on Youtube by the genius American painter Kerry James Marshall where he speaks on the importance of art books. Marshall points out that most of what he has experienced in art, was something he saw in books. That's an interesting conversation in our overly digital age where the hard-copy book is a dying form. That being said, I get a ton of art books mailed to me for a potential review in Whitehot Magazine.

The book I would also enjoy reading is the new book by Jerry Saltz, maybe a copy will show up here? Fingers crossed...

This may not be the same Kerry James Marshall video I was mentioning above but here's a talk by him for you to enjoy. It may seem a bit off-topic but honestly Kerry James Marshall really pushed a grand point about art publishing. If you can find the lecture I'm talking about, send it to me. Oh also, it's my magazine so I can say what I want (laugh).

As hard-copy publishers go, I've always had a collection of Phaidon art books. Their book on Jeff Wall was in my collection for many years, as was Phaidon's volume on Dan Graham. Those were soft-covers, at least the books I owned at that time. This delightful volume on Michael Raedecker is a solid hardcover art book...

 Inside the book. Courtesy of the artist and Phaidon Press.

Interior layout of the book showing Phaidon's immaculate production values. Courtesy of the artist and Phaidon Press.

The production values set this volume apart from ordinary art books. That aspect is important because practically everything in publishing has been done. I'm interested in this approach to book design. Care has been taken to leave negative space on certain pages and the essays do not overwhelm seeing art in a book. A healthy number of detail shots also zero-in on Raedeckers' use of thread in his paintings.

If you are building a collection of noteable art books I would highly suggest picking up a copy of this one. WM

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