Artist recreates Sgt. Pepper's cover art with famous people who died in 2016

 Chris Barker's take on the Beatles album cover features celebs who died in 2016.
This version is missing Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Harambe.


An article in the Montreal Gazette talks about how an artist has made a new version of the famous 1967 Beatles' album cover. "Graphic designer Chris Barker has photoshopped a very 2016 take on the album art — which he has been updating over the past two months as more bad news rolled in."

Another version of the meme with Carrie Fisher and George Michael added.

What they failed to mention is that the original Sgt. Pepper's cover was made by the still living British pop art pioneer Sir Peter Blake who made the original before photoshop even existed. All told, it was nearly impossible to keep up with all the celebrity deaths in 2016.

Many of the people lost were great geniuses - a historic year in the worst way. WM

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