Podcast: From the 59th Venice Biennale: Uganda Pavilion hosted by Noah Becker

Whitehot Magazine Art World Podcast with Noah Becker, April 13th, 2022

This episode:
Radiance, They Dream in Time (Rearranged), Curated by Shaheen Merali
From the 59th Venice Biennale: Uganda Pavillon - Noah is joined by artist Acaye Kerunen, artist Collin Sekajugo and art dealer Bjorn Stern.



Noah Becker

Noah Becker is an artist and the publisher and founding editor of Whitehot Magazine. He shows his paintings internationally at museums and galleries. Becker also plays jazz saxophone. Becker's writing has appeared in The Guardian, VICE, Garage, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art and the Huffington Post. He has written texts for major artist monographs published by Rizzoli and Hatje Cantz. Becker directed the New York art documentary New York is Now (2010). Becker's new album of original music "Mode For Noah" was released in 2023. 


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