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October 2012: Chuck Close Opening at PACE

Artist Chuck Close

Artist Annika Connor

Artist Cindy Sherman

Impresario Douglas Ward Kelley has a meditative moment

Artist Jennifer Manning

  Artist Jessica Speckhard

Artist Lindsay Aveihle

Artist Mark Kostabi

Artist/model/impresario Mie Iwatsuki

Artist Phillip Pearlstein

Artist Phillip Pearlstein

Artist Richard Gabriele and writer/curator Kristin Sancken

Artist/publisher Noah Becker,  writer Oscar Laluyan

Body painted flasher

Collector Beth DeWoody and Gallerist Holton Rower

Collector Christopher Polony

Pace Gallery's Arne Glimcher

Guests at Pace

Guests at Pace with Pace's Marc Glimcher

Artists Shirley Choi and Agni Zotis

Guests at Pace Gallery

Friend and artist Dana Schutz

Friend and artist Inka Essenhigh

Guest at Pace

Guest at Pace Gallery

Guests at Pace

Huffington Post critic Malcomb

Musician Paul Simon

Paul Simon and artist Chuck Close

NYFA Director of individual giving Joey Lico and publicist Steven Beltrani

Curator Robert Storr and Andrea Glimcher

Sarah Goulet and artist Sarah Kurtz

Painter Chuck Close

Painter Kate Fauvell

Photographer Joel Sheakoski

Producer Carole Joyce, HBO's Larry Bentley and Green Creative Group Creative Director Cheryl Green

The crowd at Pace

The crowd at Pace

Village Voice art critic and curator Christian Viveros-Faune


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