Erin Goldberger of Half Gallery Opens Her Own Space in New York

Erin Goldberger standing in her new gallery space called "New Release" in New York's Chinatown.
The works currently on display are by painter Kamil Franco. Photo by Jennifer Lin.

New Release Gallery opens in New York. 


Erin Goldberger has opened her own gallery. Goldberger will stay on as director of Half Gallery and manage both spaces. This is exciting news for the New York art scene as Half Gallery has presented some of the most interesting exhibitions in recent times. New Release gallery is a different entity and will not be sharing an exhibition schedule with Half Gallery, a space owned by Bill Powers in upper Manhattan.

All this excitement made us interested in Goldberger’s ambitions so we met with her at her New Release gallery to get an idea of what she is planning with the space.

Noah Becker: The gallery you just opened in New York’s Chinatown is called “New Release” right?

Erin Goldberger:  Yes, the opening was last Wednesday, September 30th. 

Becker: And you are staying on as director of Half Gallery?  

Goldberger: Yes, I’ll be the director of Half Gallery and the director/owner of my own space.

Becker: That’s quite ambitious.

Goldberger: Yes         

Becker: So, it’s completely separate programming from Half Gallery?

Goldberger: Oh yeah, it’s totally different. There are some artists from Half  Gallery that might do something here in the future but for now it’s totally different programming at New Release.  

Becker: And it’s going to be diverse programming? 

Goldberger: This place was originally a video store, so to keep that theme alive I invited around 15 artists to make videos for the gallery. We put all the videos on VHS, it was really fun. Video work won't be every show but video is also a passion of mine. WM

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