Rear View at LGDR: A Transhistorical Selection of Over Sixty Paintings

Aristide Maillol, Flore Drapée in front of Fernando Botero, The Bathroom.
Courtesy of LGDR, New York.

Rear View
April 18 - June 1 2023
19 East 64th st
New York 11065

By MARCARSON April, 2023

From the press release:

"Spanning two floors of LGDR's Landmark Beaux-Arts-Style townhouse, Rear View presents a transhistorical selection of over sixty paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and photographs that explore representation of the human figure as seen from behind--an enduring,wide-ranging paradigm that has exerted potent influence upon modern and contemporary artists." 

Jenna Gribbon, Domestic Theatre 2023, Courtesy of LGDR, New York.

The first piece you see upon entering Rear View is Urs Fischer's wax beauties from his Divine Intervetions series, I saw one recently in Paris at the Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection. I'll have to keep visiting LGDR to see how Fischer's wax works look when fully melted. Rear View is a knock-out exhibition with a cheeky (no pun intended) theme and seamless curation - plus museum-level production values in an epic gallery space.

I don't want to give away too much but the Francis Bacon painting in the show will make you feel something.

Here are a few shots... WM

Urs Fischer, Divine Interventions (detail), 2023. Courtesy of LGDR, New York.


Giorgio de Chirico, Gladiatori (detail)




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