Whitehot Magazine

Opening in Berlin

Let The Children Use It
Curated by Oliver Guy-Watkins


August 11th - 17th 2007

Artists –

Gareth Cadwallader, Liesel Thomas, Adham Faramawy, Melissa Frost, Boo Saville, Matthew Stone, Lan Hungh, Sindy Butz, Gabriel & Don-Daniel, Tom J Mason, Blake Collins, Jennifer Martin, Joao Paglione

Assistants - Eleanor Rosenberg, Alicia Reuter, Sophie Rook.

Supported by WhiteHot Magazine.


WM'S Oliver Guy-Watkins

Oliver Guy-Watkins is a writer and curator living in London and Berlin. He is the Editor for Big Shot Magazine, as well as having work published in Senses (LA), The Rockit (LA), State Of Art (London and New York), Artrocker (UK) and White Hot Magazine Of Contemporary Art (online). His exhibitions have included a film screening by Tracey Emin and the group show ‘Ruhe Bewahren’ in Berlin. He has self published a book of short stories ‘Plow’d Garlic Hill’, and is currently working on a novella entitled ‘The Toe Thief’. He was born in the idyllic countryside of The Cotswold’s in South West England during the month of October in the year 1979. oliverguywatkins@hotmail.com

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