Urban Appeal #2: deadstock cotton t shirts, gesso on wood frame 50 x 50 inches 2023


"Deadstock" is a collection of works in collaboration with artist Catherine Walsh @catsndbats, which showcases the the creative possibilities of repurposing discarded materials. These artworks features a range of pieces, including collages, sculptures, and fashion designs, all incorporating deadstock materials. The use of these materials adds a unique texture and character to each piece.

As a lover of sustainability and the arts, Catherine Walsh otherwise known as Catsndbats has long been interested in finding new ways to reduce waste in the fashion and manufacturing industries. With "DEADSTOCK" the collaboration has combined their passions, creating stunning works of art from deadstock materials that would have otherwise been discarded or stockpiled.

The exhibition features a range of works, including collages, sculptures, and fashion designs. Each piece incorporates deadstock materials, adding a unique texture and character to the finished product.


XXIV: photo scan, fabric, acrylic on Anatomy For The Artist book page (1974)
11 x 14 inches

Urban Appeal: deadstock cotton t shirts, gesso on wood frame 50 x 50 inches 2023


The collaboration with Catherine Walsh hopes that "DEADSTOCK” will inspire others to think creatively about waste and find ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Through art, this collaboration  hopes to bring attention to the issue of waste and encourage others to find sustainable solutions in their own lives.

The exhibition is sponsored by Ilegal Mezcal and will be on display at NOT FOR THEM studio from April 1st to May 1st. With an open studio event April 1st 2023 from 6pm to 10pm. WM







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