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Nada vs. Untitled: A Battle on the Beach

  imageCobra, Cobra collaborate with Puppies Puppies, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy XYZ Collective, Tokyo

By PAUL LASTER, Dec. 2016

Back in Miami Beach for its 14th year, the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) is facing a formidable challenge for the role as “the best showcase for emerging contemporary art,” a title that the non-profit organization has held for many years, from Untitled, the curated fair of contemporary art that was founded in 2012. 

Returning to the Deauville Beach Resort after a stint at the legendary Fountainbleau last year, NADA is presenting 111 exhibitors representing 36 cities from 17 different countries. While NADA stalwarts like James Fuentes Gallery and Foxy Production are exhibiting new paintings and photographs by John McAllister and Sara Cwynar, respectively, The Landing and Mitchell Algus Gallery are showing the sort of historical works you would normally expect to find at Art Basel or Art Miami. 

Untitled, meanwhile, which has pitched its stylish tent (designed by the Miami-based architects K/R) on a stretch of sand in South Beach, features 129 international galleries from 20 countries and 48 cities. Presenting mostly contemporary art in what it calls a “curated” context, Untitled Miami Beach puts a lot of emphasis on Latin art, with exhibitors like Curro and Machete, both from Mexico, offering dynamic displays of photographs by Mauricio Alejo and paintings by Hulda Guzmán—two young artists who are on our One-to-Watch list. 

Scroll through the images below to see more art from the dueling fairs. WM 

 Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen, Tall order, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy ltd los angeles 

 Daniel Boccato, belface, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy The Journal Gallery, Brooklyn

 harles Mayton, Molt, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy David Lewis, New York

 Cosima Von Bonin, Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy ICA London & Glasgow International

 Sara Cwynar, Tracy with Objects, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy Foxy Production, New York

 Denise Kupferschmidt, Magazine, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy Halsey McKay Gallery, New York and East Hampton

 Roger Herman, RH#67, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy Lefebvre & Fils, Paris 

  John McAllister, tuneful hymns hummed, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy James Fuentes Gallery, New York

 Rachel Harrison, Chanel No. 82, 2010 at NADA. Courtesy Whitechapel Gallery, London

 Yu Nishimura, a dog standing, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy Kayokoyuki, Tokyo

  Samuel Levi Jones, Slippery Slope, 2016 at NADA. Courtesy Patron, Chicago

 William Scott, A Legend is Coming Back to 1970s in Another Life, 2010 at NADA. Courtesy Creative Growth, Oakland

 Stan VanDerBeek, Untitled (Breathdeath), 1963 at NADA. Courtesy the Estate of Stan VanDerBeek, Brooklyn

Sister Corita Kent, Magpie In The Sky, 1965 at NADA. Courtesy The Conversation, Berlin

 Martí Cormand, Postcards to C: Cildo Meireles' "Cruzeiro do Sul,1969-70” num.2, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Josée Bienvenu, New York

 José Lerma, Cafresi, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

 Mauricio Alejo, Studio Still Life #4, 2015 at Untitled. Courtesy Curro, Guadalajara

 William Villalongo, Precious Offering, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Susan Inglett Gallery, New York

 Guðmundur Thoroddsen, Something is About to Happen, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York

 Jude Broughan, Sticks, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Benrubi Gallery, New York

 Norbert Bisky, Hiatus, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Baró Galeria, São Paulo

 Hulda Guzmán, O pelvic floor, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Machete, Mexico City

  Christoph Draeger, Bungalows on the Beach, 2011 at Untitled. Courtesy Kunstraum LLC, Brooklyn

 Woody Vasulka, Waveform Studies XXVIII, 1977-2003 at Untitled. Courtesy Berg Contemporary, Reykjavík

  Lavar Munroe, She was a Devil in Disguise (Devil no. 12), 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Jack Bell Gallery, London

 John F. Simon, Jr., Expanded Palette, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy Sandra Gering Inc., New York

 Scott Anderson, Cacne, 2013 at Untitled. Courtesy Galerie Richard, New York and Paris

 Rirkrit Tiravanija & Tomas Vu, The Future is Chrome, Debbie, 2016. Courtesy NF/ Nieves Fernandez, Madrid

 Matthew Stone, Promiscuous States of Consciousness, 2016 at Untitled. Courtesy The Hole, New York



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