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October 2012: Art Girls of Montreal

This is a photo essay by Maya Fuhr. Maya Fuhr is a photographer based in Montreal. She uses un-edited 35mm film and has a pure style in shooting her subjects in their most natural state. ART GIRLS OF MONTREAL include works of female artists based out of Montreal. Each artist features a fruit that Maya chose to accompany the girl's individual colour pallet and vivid personality.

Claire Milbrath is a multi-media artist dabbling in photography, painting, cartoon and is the Editor and Chief of The Editorial Magazine. She uses oil paints to depict humorous scenarios starring her made up character Poor Gray.

Olekandra Lykova is a painter and costume designer. She uses oil and acriylic paint to explore the human condition through portraiture. She chooses life painting as an intimate experience with the individuals who inspire her.

Jessica MacCormack works with animation, video, painting, drawing, installation and intervention. Her interdisciplinary practice examines the complex position of culture within neoliberal capitalism and critiques modes of social control, while exploring the potential for art to function as a site of resistance. http://jessicamaccormackrmack.tumblr.com

Thea Govorchin is a young multidisciplinary artist with a BFA from Concordia University. Her bright, often sculptural paintings hop across mediums; utilizing the most flamboyant materials she can find while using bright colours. The materials directly influence her content, and she lets them guide her throughout her process; out of painting and into sculpture, back into painting, both mediums united and both autonomous. http://theagovorchin.tumblr.com/#about

Maya Fuhr

Maya Fuhr is a photographer and writer based in Montreal. www.mayafuhr.com

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