VIDEO: Trailer for the Whitehot Magazine Documentary "New York is Now"

Artist and publisher Noah Becker and filmmaker Steven Thomas Lane take viewers on a fast-paced trip through the contemporary art scene in New York - now. Major artists, auction houses, curators and dealers alike put forth their views on issues of decentralization, the market climate, and the clash between real and virtual space via social media and the internet at large. Featuring Lee Ranaldo, Richard Phillips, Bill Powers, Bibbe Hansen, Gerry Visco, Michael Anderson, Spencer Tunick, Michael Halsband, Richard Butler, and many more icons of the current scene. Including performances by Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and original score by hip-hop legend Moka Only and Noah Becker. New York is Now.







Whitehot writes about the best art in the world - founded by artist Noah Becker in 2005. 


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